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OP ED: Your Teeth Are Not A Part of Your Body, Say What?

For reasons that mystify me to this day, the provision of even basic dental care was not – and more importantly is still not included in Medicare.

QEW Oakville

Free Trade?

Given all of the talk about NAFTA, CETA, and more recently talks with China, I am not sure about you, but I would appreciate an honest appraisal of just what the impact of ‘Free’ Trade ...

Oil spilling from barrels

Canada’s Double Speak & Betrayal of Indigenous People

While I am not in the least surprised by Trump’s blatant disregard over the rights of indigenous people on matters pertaining to the construction of the North Dakota pipeline, I was more than a little ...

GO Train from above at Oakville Station

Liveable Oakville: Time To Grow Up

My first introduction to the power of urban planning came courtesy of a trek I made as a teenager hitchhiking down the west coast of the United States and spending some time in Portland on ...

Border Collie

Man’s Best Friend: Ode To Taz

While I am probably more of a ‘cat’ than a ‘dog’ person, this was one preconceived notion that was really put to the test just recently when we had to put down our old border ...

Illuminated Coloured circles

Say “Hello” during Christmas

During this time of ‘Christmas Cheer’, it is remarkable how much of its counterpart we encounter in the way of a significant rise of people experiencing great emotional distress. Such as any seasoned medical staff ...


2nd Stage of Medicare begins as Ontario passes Bill 41

For all that we pride ourselves on having access to universal health care, what many Canadians don’t know is that there was to be a 2nd stage of Medicare. Tommy Douglas was, in fact, miles ...

The Health Divide: So How Are You Doing?

Hot off the press this week is the latest national report of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing entitled ‘How Are Canadians Really Doing’. While there are some notable bright spots such as higher levels of ...


Putting Health Back Into Health Care: A Health Advocates Perspective

In this day and age of political spectacle and scandal, we risk losing sight of truly significant legislative and policy developments. Case in point: Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins‘ Patients First Act, now approaching its ...

crystal glass

Thanksgiving: A Recipe for Good Health

With the arrival of Fall and the turning of the autumn leaves, it strikes me as timely to pay homage to one of my favorite times of the year, namely the celebration of Thanksgiving. This ...

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