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The Perils of Indeed

There are a lot of great tools on the inter webs that job seekers can use to find their next great gig. Indeed is definitely one of them but it is not without its perils.

Career Advise stairs-man-person-walking

Career Advice – It’s Pretty Tough at the Bottom

There are several new grads in my circle who are looking for the job that will kick off their career. They have had jobs all through school so the act of applying, interviewing and getting ...

LinkedIn Tips

Polish Your Profile – LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for career development. Your profile hums along attracting attention while you are off doing other things. At least that’s how it should work. Here are some LinkedIn tips to make ...

Interview Feedback

Interview Feedback – the good, the bad and the ugly

Getting interview feedback from a client is essential. It’s pretty great when a hiring manager calls to say the interviews went well and they want to move the candidates forward in the process.

Job Reference

The Job Reference: Is it still relevant?

A job reference has been one of the final steps of the hiring process for years. Managers wanted verification that the person they want to hire is as good as they think they are. And ...

information interview

Information Interview: making the most of it

When you are thinking about moving your career in another direction, you need information. One of the best ways to do this is the information interview

Canada 150 Fireworks

Canada 150 – Think of the Positives!

We are in the middle the best long weekends of them all – Canada 150. Everyone will be celebrating in some way: barbecues or fireworks or family reunion picnics. What ever plans you have, you ...

A successful interview: take a pause

We are all nervous when we go to interviews. It never changes. It does not matter how senior you are or how many interviews you have done, you will still have sweaty palms and sweaty ...

LinkedIn Invitation, Laura Machan

Are we Exclusive? Managing your LinkedIn Invitations

I was talking about LinkedIn with a group of people on Monday evening. One of the big questions that came up about invitations. When someone invites you to connect, should you accept?

Energy Spark

Demonstrating Energy: Career Advice

My son is very laid back. For the most part, it’s a good thing. He does not freeze up before tests or freak out when an assignment is due. He just goes about his business ...

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