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Dealing with Distractions- hands on a computer

What was I doing? Dealing with Distractions

If you can’t remember what you started five minutes ago, you are dealing with distractions.

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

First Jobs of Very Successful People

We tend to get hung up about our first job. Whether it’s a summer job or a full time gig, we worry that it won’t be in line with our goals and ambitions. Stop worrying ...

Cup of Coffee

Looking for that first job? A Recruiter’s Perspective

All kinds of new grads are being released in the wilds of the employment world this month.

Video Camera

Practice, Practice, Practice – Tips for a Better Interview: A Recruiter’s Perspective

I heard a fantastic phrase last week. One of our senior sales leaders was talking with us about value propositions, enhanced authenticity and other eye rolling stuff. I was starting to glaze over when he ...

Fine Tooth Comb

Resume Review – Critical Action: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Shock and awe. That’s what happened this week. Shock and awe. I was preparing a group of resumes to send to one of my clients. As I reviewed that last resume, I found a typo.

Mount Kilimanjaro: Kibo Peak

Look for a Job over that Hill: A Recruiter’s Perspective.

Last week, I had coffee with a former colleague who is about to head into a transition. She has been with her company for a long time and after some ugly corporate changes, they have ...


A Career Portfolio: Not just for Creatives

It is pretty common for creative types to bring a portfolio of work samples to an interview. Little known fact: it can be very useful for many other positions too.


Keep Your Enemies Close and Your References Closer

If someone offered you a job tomorrow and asked for a couple of references, would you be ready?


Giving Notice – The Right Way

You are beside yourself with glee. You have just accepted a fantastic new job. It checks all the boxes: people, scope, location and money. Yippee!

Strawberry Plant

Need to Refresh? Take a Course

It’s spring and even though things seem almost out-of-control busy, I am going to sign up for a course. I have not decided what the topic will be but I am going to do it.

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