Canada Road Safety Week 2017 results for Halton

Canada Road Safety Week 2017
Canada Road Safety Week 2017 results for Halton
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​During the period of 16-22 May, uniform and plainclothes officers from across all areas of the Halton Regional Police Service supported the National driving campaign known as Canada Road Safety Week 2017, conducting a heightened level of traffic enforcement on our area roadways. Officers focused on what has become known as the ‘Big 3 Killers’ on our roads, including aggressive driving, distracted driving and impaired operation by alcohol or drug.

During the seven days of enforcement of Canada Road Safety Week 2017, which ended with the conclusion of the Victoria Day Long Weekend, Halton Police laid a total of 2,082 Provincial offence charges, commonly known as “traffic tickets”. This total represents a 9% increase from the 2016 campaign, when 1,903 charges were laid.

The top three charges included:

  1. Speeding;
  2. Documentary infractions including licensing and insurance; and
  3. Disobey stop sign – fail to stop.

During Canada Road Safety Week 2017, Halton Police conducted a variety of enforcement, including RIDE, to specifically address the ongoing concern of motorists choosing to drive while impaired. The following results were obtained:

  1. 14 drivers were either driving with over 80 mgs of alcohol in their system, or refused to provide a breath sample, which resulted in a criminal charge, 90-day licence suspension and 7-day vehicle impound.
  2. 3 drivers were driving impaired by drug, which resulted in a criminal charge, 90-day licence suspension and 7-day vehicle impound.
  3. 23 drivers were driving in the alcohol warn range, with roadside breath testing resulting in 3/7/30-day roadside suspensions.
  4. 1 driver was driving in the drug warn range, with the DRE/SFST test resulting in a 3/7/30-day roadside suspension.

In contrast, 12 motorists were arrested and charged in 2016 with impaired driving related offences including impaired by drug.

Halton Police would like to thank area motorists who made the choice to slow down, obey posted signage and for resisting the urge to handle your cell phone while driving during Canada Road Safety Week 2017. It’s a positive choice all motorists can make which will make our roads safer for everyone.

If you observe a vehicle being operated in a manner which places you or anyone else in danger, please call 911 for an immediate police response (#makethecall911).



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