Audition Notice – Entertaining Shorts 2014: Burloak Theatre Group

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Date(s) - Wednesday, March 26, 2014
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Burl-Oak Theatre Group Studio


Entertaining Shorts 2014 is presented by Burl-Oak Theatre Group. For the second year in a row, BOTG will be presenting this program of short plays to be performed at the Black Box Theatre in the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre in Oakville Friday, May 23 and Saturday, May 24 at 8pm, and Sunday, May 25 at 2pm.
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The Erebus and the Terror 

By Michael Brown

Directed by Michael Brown

(One Act Play approx. 30 min)
Requires a cast of four – some of the actors will play more than one role.

  • SIR JOHN FRANKLIN – famed Arctic explorer, an older man, but not particularly fit.
  • LADY JANE FRANKLIN – his second wife, younger, very fit and energetic.
  • ELEANOR PORDEN FRANKLIN – his first wife, much younger, and very ill.
  • CAPTAIN JAMES FITZJAMES, HMS EREBUS – a younger man, fresh faced, inexperienced.
  • CAPTAIN FRANCIS CROZIER, HMS TERROR – slightly older, worn out with Arctic experience.
  • SERVANT,  a young man.
  • Two Members of the ADMIRALTY – old and stuffy.
  • Two DEAD CREW MEMBERS – could be any age!

A Prescription for Tenderness

by Linda McCready

Directed by Angie Fyke

(One Act Play approx. 20 min.)


Requires a cast of 3:

  • EMMA:  late 30s; works as a therapeutic clown; presents as a fit young woman; separated from her husband for over a year; feels lonely because her son is growing up; is somewhat overprotective; has been a close friend of Graham (her colleague) since they studied theatre together, and there is a hint that she is attracted to him.
  • LOUIS:  Emma’s son, 16 years old; teenager who lives with his father and visits his mother on certain weekends; is now more interested in girls then in spending time with his mother; artistic – has interest in computer animation.
  • GRAHAM:  late 30s; Emma’s colleague, therapeutic clown; bubbly; constant high energy; very physically fit, is attracted to Emma.

Gallows End

by George Marciniak

Directed by George Marciniak

(One Act Play approx. 20 min.)


Play requires a cast of 4:

  • GUIDE:  Any age, dressed to  fit the rural backwoods of Georgia. This role could be played by a teenager.
  • VISITOR:  40-60 year old white male, dressed in Savile Row suit, affluent.
  • ANNABELLE LEE:  30-50 year old female, dressed to suggest a witch.
  • DEMON:  any age, male or female, dressed in regal attire.
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