Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)

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Date(s) - Tuesday, May 3, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

QE Park Cultural & Community Centre


How do you typically react to failure or not living up to expectations you set for yourself? How do you handle difficulties in life such as work stress, rejection, physical problems, or financial hardships? Do you instinctively fight uncomfortable feelings or find fault with yourself when things go wrong? Self-compassion training helps you befriend your self–critic, thank it for trying to help you all these years and then allow it to gently retire from service. In this presentation you will learn about a more skilful way to motivate and encourage yourself that does not evoke the body’s threat system the way self-criticism does.

Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It’s the heart of mindfulness.  Research has shown that it boosts happiness, reduces anxiety and depression, and can even help you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Self-compassion is also an antidote to “compassion fatigue” often a negative outcome experienced by those caring for loved ones or those in the healthcare field.

In this introductory session, participants will be provided with an opportunity to experience several exercises, as well as one of the key meditations – the Mindful Self-Compassion Break, used in the MSC program. It will also include an opportunity to learn more about the full MSC training program, links to MSC resources and, becoming a qualified MSC teacher.

Location: Program Room #3
$25 Donation (proceeds go to The Women’s Centre of Halton)
Door Prizes

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Eileen and Rainer Beltzner will present the “Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion”. For more information about each of the presenters and their upcoming MSC programs, please go to

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