Marijuana Legalization and Regulation: Council’s View

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization and Regulation: Council’s View
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After a presentation on July 10, 2017 by the Town of Oakville legal staff regarding Marijuana Legalization and Regulation, the following resolution was passed unanimously by Town Council.

The Federal Government has introduced legislation to legalize cannabis (marijuana) by July 2018 and municipal governments are unclear about what their regulatory role will be;

Some municipalities have already been experiencing a proliferation of unlicensed retail marijuana dispensaries;

Council of the Town of Oakville deems it desirable for municipalities to have greater engagement with the Federal and Provincial Government in the development and execution of the Canadian marijuana legalization framework;

BE IT RESOLVED that Council of the Town of Oakville requests that the Federal and Provincial Government commit to on-going consultation and communication with municipal governments and adopt an implementation plan that addresses local concerns such as where these businesses are to be located, limits on concentration and proximity to schools, daycares, and residential neighbourhoods;

THAT there be clear information-sharing between orders of government to clarify roles and responsibilities and coordination on enforcement as well as compliance with health and safety requirements;

THAT primary consideration be given to the creation of a provincial enterprise, established to manage sale and distribution of marijuana in Ontario;

THAT the Federal and Provincial Government provide municipal governments adequate time to align and integrate regional and local regulations and practices with new Federal and/or Provincial laws when they are enacted;

THAT careful consideration be given to the ability to regulate the personal production of marijuana and marijuana-based products, both for the safety of producers as well as the general public; and

THAT any additional costs to municipalities of enforcing the marijuana legalization framework be recognized and addressed.

The full legal report regarding Marijuana Legalization and Regulation, can be found on the Town of Oakville Council Meeting Agenda of July 10, 2017. Scroll down the Council agenda to Discussion Item 1, and click on the header, and the reports will be shown on the top right hand side.

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