Missing Oakville 15 Year Old Teenager: Police Request Assistance

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Missing Oakville 15 Year Old Teenager: Police Request Assistance
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Missing teen, Stephanie Labelle (15 yrs), returned home.

Originally posted: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 20:24 PM

Halton Regional Police Service is currently conducting a missing person investigation.
15 year old Stephanie LABELLE has been missing since Friday January 15th 2016, and Police have concerns for her safety.

Stephanie is described as:

  1. a white female,
  2. fair skin,
  3. 5’2”,
  4. 95 lbs,
  5. long straight black hair,
  6. unknown clothing description.
  7. She is believed to be in the Mississauga area.

Anyone with information or who knows her whereabouts is asked to contact the Halton Regional Police at 905 825-4747 ext 2210 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS), or through the internet at www.haltoncrimestoppers.com, or by texting “Tip201” with your message to 274637 (crimes).



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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Cory says:

    Although in my 7 regions i’ve lived in amongst the Ontario border….. Halton region is a very empathic agency. I hate the police and i HATE the government more. But i will give credit when credit is deserved. The Halton cops are not looking to APPRHEND this girl….. she is nearly the age to do as she wants, and perhaps that is her thoughts to leave. Prompting this search…..however wether we expect this or not, we have a due diligence as society to find her truth. PLEASE DONT OMit her dissapearance. shes one of us.

    • Hunter says:

      Looks like it has been updated and she is home, which is great.
      Really don’t understand your comment -why in our region anyone hates the police is beyond me. Seems to me that unless you are involved in crime they are quite happy to let you live your life without any intrusion into it.
      To the Halton Police thanks for serving our community.

    • Binkie says:

      Wow Cory, please don’t omit your meds.

      • Dorothy says:

        Binkie, is it really necessary to insult people who do take meds by comparing them to idiots who post comments such as Cory’s?

        • John says:

          Dorothy, is it really necessary to be overly sensitive to everything on the internet, when it’s clearly meant as a joke?

          • Diane says:

            Are you Binkies dad John?

      • Dan says:

        Bin lie I take meds every single day that help me with numerous physical and mental conditions.

        For you to say what you said just because you don’t agree with what that person said, is INFINITELY more ignorant that what that person said.

        This thread is supposed to be about a missing little girl. But you couldn’t keep it to that. With your holier than though flippant remark about people who have to have meds to get them through their daily lives.

        I can only hope that one day you and those you love have to have meds to get you/them through their daily lives without being in whatever sort of pain your dealing with.

        Sorry to infest this thread with my venom here. But when idiots say things so incredibly stupid, ignorant and completely insensitive, it really needs to be rebutted in a less than friendly way.

        Mr/Mrs. Binkie, I hold this truth to be self evident that you sir/ma’am, are a certifiable MORON!!

    • David Bradley says:

      Cory, you need to see a shrink

      • Bob says:

        …and a spell checker.

  2. Gaz says:

    The teen has been located. Please update your article.

    • Nolan Machan says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. The post was changed at 9:00 AM, which is when we received notification from Halton Police. We also removed the young lady’s image from Oakville News so that her privacy would be protected. Oakville News broke this story last night and we ensured that we had a correct image for the public. This was done so the public could provide better assistance.

      We were pleased to report that she is safely at home.


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