“SAFE START” in Full Gear says Halton Police!

Ignore the warnings and be fined up to $2,000

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As back to school activities are into full swing, the Halton Regional Police are reminding motorists to be vigilant in or near school zones; with the increase in volume of young pedestrians and vehicles entering and leaving school campuses.

Halton officers have been out in force through the Region’s school and Community Safety zones as part of the two-week Project Safe Start.  This initiative has resulted in positive results on both an educational and enforcement front; just yesterday two commercial vehicles were stopped in front of local schools in Milton after officers spotted obvious infractions against the Highway Traffic Act.  Those stops resulted in fifteen charges being laid and one of the trucks being pulled out of service.

As the motoring public generally heed our advice to drive with care around elementary schools, we also remind them to exercise the same caution around other educational facilities;  daycares, community centres, recreation centres, high schools and even post secondary campuses such as colleges.

Pedestrians must also follow the HTA pertaining to their movements on roadways as well.  Parents should remind younger children to cross only at crosswalks, follow the instructions of the Crossing Guards, and not to run onto the roadway from between parked cars.  If riding a bicycle to school, ensure your child’s helmet is properly fitted.  Young cyclists should also dismount when crossing a road in a crosswalk.

We will continue to educate the public this week on safety issues and rules of the road.  Next week, a zero-tolerance enforcement initiative will take effect in school and Community Safety zones.  Enforcement will concentrate on:

 Distracted Driving / Hand Held Devices ($150 fine)
 Speeding ($20 – $272 fine / no set fine over 29 km/h above limit; automatic court summons)
 Disobeying Stop Signs / Traffic Lights ($145 fine)
 Improper Turns ($185 fine)
 Failing to Stop for School Bus with Flashing Lights ($495 fine)
 Failing to Stop for Crossing Guards ($175 fine)
 Aggressive Driving ($495-$2000 fine depending on the charge, or a Criminal Dangerous Driving charge may apply)
 Seatbelt Compliance ($235 fine)
 “Jay Walking” ($35 fine)

*the above fines are based on those offences occurring within Community Safety Zones.

As part of the enforcement component we will engage in an “All Hands on Deck” day, next Tuesday September 10th whereby all Senior Police Officers (Inspectors, Superintendents, Operations Deputy Chief and the Chief of Police) out issuing tickets for any of the above infractions.  The expected locations of enforcement for those officers will be issued in a subsequent media release.

Contact: Sergeant Paul Davies – Headquarters Operations , Traffic Services – 905 825-4747 x5245



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