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Resume Review – Critical Action: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Shock and awe. That’s what happened this week. Shock and awe. I was preparing a group of resumes to send to one of my clients. As I reviewed that last resume, I found a typo.


A Career Portfolio: Not just for Creatives

It is pretty common for creative types to bring a portfolio of work samples to an interview. Little known fact: it can be very useful for many other positions too.

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How Long is your Digital Shadow? A Recruiter’s Perspective

I have heard the term “digital revolution” about 10 times this week and I have to say it is wearing a little thin…..I know it’s a big deal but what does it really mean to ...

Dealing with Distractions- hands on a computer

Pro Resume Tips: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Do you know where your resume is? When was the last time you updated it? I know you don’t need any more pressure in your life but keeping an outdated resume on a memory stick ...

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What to do with LinkedIn Video? A Recruiter’s Perspective

If you have not been on Linked In lately, shame on you. If you have, you have probably noticed the new steaming video feature.

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Spring Cleaning for your Resume: A Recruiter’s Perspective

It’s a long weekend and if you are like me, you will spend some time working on projects around the house.


New LinkedIn Tool: Resume Builder: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Getting your resume ready for public consumption can be a daunting task. You have to find it amongst all your folders and when you do find it, you have to hope that it’s relatively current.

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How to make a Great First Impression: A Recruiter’s Perspective

How do you stand out from the crowd? What makes you memorable?

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Craft a Smoother, Better Resume: A Recruiter’s Perspective

I read resumes for a living. I read other stuff too but resumes are the main focus during the day (and sometimes evenings, much to my husband’s consternation).

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New Job on the Horizon? A Recruiter’s Perspective

Was your New Year’s resolution to get another job? Have you succeeded?

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