2016 Draft Budget: Oakville Businesses facing New and Large increase in Fees

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2016 Draft Budget: Oakville Businesses facing New and Large increase in Fees
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The biggest area of changes found in Oakville’s Draft Budget for 2016 are Licensing Fees for running businesses. There are great drops, huge increases and a large number of businesses with new licensing fees. So what does this mean for you, the consumer? Well, businesses who are going to face new and large increases, are going to pass those along to the consumer.

The following business will face NEW licensing fees:

  1. Food Shop – Special Event per event $189.00
  2. Food Shop/Ancillary annual $232.00
  3. Landscaping/Property Maintenance Contractor annual $507.00
  4. Lawn Maintenance Contractor annual $180.45
  5. Outdoor Market annual $173.00
  6. Personal Services Establishment annual $210.00
  7. Special Event Refreshment Vehicle per event $173.00
  8. Refreshment Vehicle Operator annual $173.00

Businesses that will see a major increase in fees:

  1. Animals for Entertainment annual $281.00 an increase of 148.7%
  2. Nightclub annual $500.00 an increase of 87.3%
  3. Pool Installation Contractor annual $507.00 an increase of 89.9%
  4. Pet Shop / Kennel annual $368.00 an increase of 65.0%
  5. Adult Entertainment Attendant annual $239.00 an increase of 111.5%
  6. Body Rub Establishment – Attendant annual $225.00 an increase of 99.1%
  7. Limousine Special Occ. per event $173.00 an increase of 53.1%
  8. Mobile/portable/banner Signs 15-days $93.00 an increase of 144.7%

Business that will see a major decreases:

  1. HVAC Contractor annual $180.00 a decrease of 66.0%
  2. Mobile Sign Lessor annual $349.00 a decrease of 57.7%
  3. Plumbing Contractor annual $180.00 a decrease of 66.0%
  4. Refreshment Vehicle Class A annual $244.00 a decrease of 53.9%
  5. Adult Entertainment Establishment annual $594.00 a decrease of 83.6%
  6. Adult Entertainment Operator annual $239.00 a decrease of 85.8%
  7. Body Rub Establishment Owner annual $232.00 a decrease of 93.6%
  8. Body Rub Establishment Operators annual $232.00 a decrease of 86.2%
  9. Limousine Owner annual $634.00 a decrease of 71.1%
  10. Taxi Broker Licence annual $173.00 a decrease of 68.5%

You can voice your opinion until December 14, 2015, by contacting your Town or Regional Town Councillor, who can be found on at Oakville.ca.



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