2017 Lincoln MKC “Reserve” AWD – Oakville Drives

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2017 Lincoln MKC “Reserve” AWD – Oakville Drives
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The 2017 Lincoln MKC is a second-generation all wheel drive five-person, compact luxury crossover first introduced in 2015. The MKC is based on the same platform as the Ford Escape. Despite the similar platform, the Lincoln MKC is lower and wider with many distinctive style and luxury features that create a unique and desirable vehicle. The 2017 version of the MKC is available in two base models, Select and Reserve.

2017 Lincoln MKC Handling characteristics
The MKC comes standard with Ford’s 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo charged engine (240hp and 270 lb.-ft. of torque) in both the “Select” and “Reserve” models. This is matched with all wheel drive and a six speed automatic transmission. For an additional $7,150, you can upgrade to the 2.3L 4-cylinder turbo that will produce 285hp and 305 lb.-ft. of torque. My test vehicle included the standard 2.0L engine and I thought it was just fine for every day driving. Perhaps if you decide to tow a trailer of roughly 2-3 thousand pounds, the 2.3L engine might be a better option.

The MKC is a very well put together vehicle. I found the MKC to be easy to drive, highly predictable, and with excellent brakes and responsive steering.

2017 Lincoln MKC Comfort and styling
Lincoln has done a good job creating a comfortable and stylish vehicle both inside and out. The standard 10-way heated and cooled leather seats with power lumbar support provide driver and front passenger comfort. Rear seating is a 40/60 split with heated leather seats. The design and layout of driver steering wheel controls as well as the dash-mounted controls using buttons is very good. Lincoln has located the push-button drive selector next to the screen that as a result, provides for a smooth center console with more storage. The “Reserve” model includes the panoramic roof that is thankfully equipped with a power sunshade to help keep the interior cooler on those bright sunny days.

My test MKC came equipped with the optional “Technology Package” ($2,250) that gives you adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, forward sensing and enhanced park assist.

Things to consider
The 2017 Lincoln MKC can be an excellent choice for a couple looking for a four-door luxury crossover with a bit of a sporty look and feel. Even the base “Select” model that is $5,000 cheaper comes with many of the desirable comfort, safety, performance and style features. But if you want the 2.3L engine, then you have to move up to the “Reserve”. The base price for the MKC is $48,300, and the vehicle as tested came in at $53,975.

The MKC is advertised to handle five passengers but that is really not realistic. The sloped roofline contributes to making the rear seat headroom insufficient for anyone other than smaller children. I think this can be a great vehicle for a retired couple where ease of entry/exit, good looks and safety features, sensible driver and passenger controls, luxury, and room for the occasional visit from grandchildren are important features.

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