2018 Gun Amnesty results released by Halton Regional Police

2018 Gun Amnesty
2018 Gun Amnesty results released by Halton Regional Police
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Getting firearms and ammunition out of our homes, keeps them off the street. It keeps our children safe; it keeps our community safe. From April 1st to April 30th, the 2018 Gun Amnesty was held by a multitude of Police Departments across Ontario. Halton Regional Police Services took part in the amnesty.

Halton Regional Police Officers retrieved the firearms, weapons and ammunition from people’s homes. The public needed to understand that they could not bring any weapons, firearms or ammunition into a police station. The public could not transport these items in their vehicle, and were instructed not to greet officers at their door with the weapon(s). The officers did provide identification and a signature for destruction.

Halton 2018 Gun Amnesty Results:

  1. 19 shotguns
  2. 21 rifles
  3. 7 handguns
  4. 9 BB/pellet guns
  5. 2 miscellaneous gun-related items, including a silencer
  6. 4 prohibited weapons which including a baton, switchblade and nunchakus “nunchucks”
  7. Several thousands of rounds of ammunition

The regional amnesty program, part of a province-wide program, provided the community with the option of handing over unwanted or illegal guns, ammunition or explosives, without any criminal penalties. Getting unwanted weapons into the hands of law enforcement, who can then oversee their lawful destruction, prevents them from falling into the hands of criminals.

According to a CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) article posted on March 27, 2017,  injuries to youth attributed to firearms from 2008 to 2012 totalled 1,800. This translates to one injury every day. The emotional and physical trauma reverberates. It not only includes the distress to the youth injured and their families, but also includes the stress and financial cost to our healthcare system.



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