2018 Mayoral Debates online – be an informed voter

2018 Mayoral Debates
2018 Mayoral Debates online – be an informed voter
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Here are all the videos for the 2018 Mayoral Debates. Since not all residents can attend debates, these videos provide information about each of the mayoral candidates, so you can be an informed voter. The debates took place for:

  1. Ward 1 on October 4th
  2. Ward 3 on October 12th
  3. Oakville Chamber of Commerce on October 15th

Oakville’s Mayoral Candidates

  1. Rob Burton
  2. Julia Hanna
  3. John McLaughlin

2018 Mayoral Debates

Ward 1 Mayoral Debate

Ward 3 Mayoral Debate

Oakville Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Debate

Information about 2018 Mayoral Candidates

  1. Rob Burton
    Cell: 905-483-1762
    Home: 905-338-1200
  2. Julia Hanna
    Campaign line: 905-849-5660
  3. John McLaughlin
    Cell: 905-808-2314

“You’ve got to vote, vote, vote, vote. That’s it; that’s the way we move forward. That’s how we make progress for ourselves and for our country.” – Michelle Obama

All 2018 Ward Debates

  1. Ward 1 Debate
  2. Ward 2 Debate – had a town councillor debate. The Town and Regional Councillor Cathy Duddeck was acclaimed.
  3. Ward 3 Debate – had a town councillor debate and a mayoral debate. The Town and Regional Councillor David Gittings was acclaimed.
  4. Ward 4 Debate
  5. Ward 5 Debate
  6. Ward 6 – did not have a debate because both the Town Councillor – Natalia Lyschina, and the Town and Regional Councillor – Tom Adams were acclaimed.
  7. Ward 7 Debate

2018 School Board Trustee Candidates

The ward debates for the most part did not include the School Boards Trustee Candidates. However, trustees play a critical role in the education of our children. Here is the link to the Oakville’s School Boards trustee candidates that includes both the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board.

2018 School Board Trustee Candidates

New ward boundaries

Ward boundaries changed to accommodate Oakville’s new ward seven with the exception of Ward 3. Determine which ward you live by using the Town of Oakville’s interactive map or check your voter card.

2018 Mayoral Debates Ward 4 Debates

Image Credit: Town of Oakville


Complete information about the Ontario Municipal Election

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