2019 Halloween in Oakville: Here’s what is happening

2019 Halloween
2019 Halloween in Oakville: Here’s what is happening
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2019 Halloween will be a great time to enjoy Oakville. There are haunted houses, ghost walks and other special events. Whether you are a grandparent, parent or child, there is something for everyone to do. So design your costume, stock up on those tricks and treats and enjoy Halloween.

2019 Halloween Events

2019 Halloween

2093 Oak Springs Road

Solingate Manor/Halloween House:

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: 111 Solingate Drive

If you haven’t yet made the trip to 111 Solingate Drive in October, you are certainly missing Oakville’s finest display of ghosts, goblins, witches and a wealth of Halloween treats. The reason this home has become such a Halloween success is that Mr. Wirtz has made it his passion each October to bring smiles and awe inspiring stares to the children of his neighborhood (and their parents). The home is on Solingate Drive just north of Lakeshore Road West and East of 3rd Line. Donations are accepted for the Oakville Foodshare Program

Other homes worth visiting:

  • 2093 Oak Springs Road (River Oaks)
  • 6th Line & Munns Avenue (River Oaks)
  • 480 Scarsdale Crescent (Bronte)
  • 520 Sandbrook Road (West Oakville)

(If you know of a property that is worth a drive – please let us know.)

“We love keeping the Halloween tradition alive for the kids – it is so important to keep this tradition vibrant in our neighbourhoods. When we were growing up Halloween was important  and taken for granted. We feel that participating actively is invigorating and fun and the kids in the neighbourhood love it! People bring their classes by from local schools to check it out. That is very rewarding”

Denis and Wendy (owners of 2093 Oak Springs Road)


2019 Halloween

2093 Oak Springs Road

Ghosts Walks in Olde Oakville:

The Ghost walks take approximately one hour and there are one to three walks offered per night, which are sponsored by the Oakville Historical Society. This is an extremely popular event so please contact the Society at (905) 844-2695 for tickets. Tickets are also available online.

Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Showing times: 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM
Location: Film.ca, 171 Speers Road

This cult classic was replayed last year at Film.ca to celebrate Halloween and all the craziness that comes with it. If you haven’t seen this, it really is a must. Tickets are available at Film.ca.

Tiny Tots 2019 Halloween Parade

Time: 10:00 AM to Noon
Location: Downtown Oakville, Town Square, 210 Lakeshore Road East

2019 Halloween

2093 Oak Springs Road

This is an annual event put together by the merchants of Downtown Oakville starting at the Towne Square where a wonderful witch greets the tots with a friendly cackle. Babies to preschoolers are dressed up in an assortment of fantastic costumes. Moms, Dads & Grandparents delight as they stroll along Lakeshore Road with their children and grandchildren. The merchants provide treats for all the children along the route which culminates at the Towne Square.

Pumpkin Parade

Pumpkin Parade; Photo Credit: Oakville News

Pumpkin Parade

November 1, 2019
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location Westwood Park, 170 Wilson Street

Don’t hide your pumpkin carving talent at home, but bring is down to Westwood Park (Kerr Street & Bond Street) and show it off. The West River Residents Association has adopted the event from the Kerr Village BIA. At 7:30 PM there will be prizes to be had in a number of categories. Who knows you just might win.

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