2019 Lincoln Continental

2019 Lincoln Continental
2019 Lincoln Continental
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R. G. Beltzner

A long time automobile enthusiast, and competitive race driver, Rainer Beltzner provides performance driving and racing instruction for Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari owners and clubs. He's been doing this for over 25 years. Often, Rainer is found driving/teaching on one of the Canadian Tire Motorsport, Shannonville or Watkins Glen tracks. During the “off-season”, Rainer spends his spare time driving and evaluating a broad range of vehicles. Follow Rainer on Twitter @redy2rol.

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The 2019 Lincoln Continental is best described as a throwback to the “couch-mobile” of the 60’s, but with modern features. In the 60’s, my father enjoyed cruising in his 1964 red Buick Wildcat convertible with white leather bucket seats, followed by an even more powerful Riviera and finally an Electra 225.

Moving to larger and larger sedans seemed to be the craze at the time. He finally settled on a Mercedes 560 SEL with a reclining rear bench seat. It was his preferred gas-guzzling living room on wheels. These cars were big, flashy, comfortable and very fast.

Ford/Lincoln introduced the large Continental back in 2002 with its very distinct front grill – but took it off the market in 2006 due to poor sales. After 14 years, it was reintroduced in 2016 but with limited results.

2019 Lincoln Continental

Photo Credit: R.G. Beltzner

The new Lincoln Continental is modern in style but retains the characteristics of the couch-mobile of old – big, flashy, comfortable and fast. The demand for large-scale cruisers has significantly declined over the past decade. It makes the likelihood of Continental’s extinction a real possibility.

Ford has already committed to eliminating pretty well all of its’ sedans. The Lincoln Division has hinted at the demise of the Continental sometime in the near future. Luxury sedans like the Continental have been largely replaced in recent years by gargantuan luxury SUV’s. For those not content with an SUV replacement for the couch-mobile, you can also choose from a range of luxury pick-ups with equivalent luxurious price tags.

The 2019 Continental is nicely styled and finished, inside and out, with the exception of dashboard toggles and knobs that are not in keeping with the rest of the car. Available powertrains include a 2.7L or 3.0L twin turbo AWD with 6-speed transmission. In Canada, the Continental is available in two trim levels, Select and Reserve. My test vehicle was the Reserve equipped with the 3.0L (additional $3,000 over the 2.7L).

2019 Lincoln Continental

Photo Credit: Lincoln Motor Company

This Continental meets all the requirements to be a true couch-mobile.

It is big, yet attractive with a modern sleek design, complete with sweeping LED lights and attractive (to some) front grill. It is definitely fast. The 3.0L twin turbo charged engine with 400 hp easily propels this large vehicle.

A possible improvement might be to move to an 8-speed transmission. The six shifts a little slow. Using the paddle shifters can improve that.

It is also exceptionally comfortable for the driver and front passenger with 30-way leather seats complete with massage function. Adding the optional $5,000 rear seat package adds almost equivalent comfort and functionality features for rear set passengers.

Despite its size, this car handles well on the highway with decent steering response and limited roll on tighter corners. As one would expect, brakes are excellent. The Reserve trim level includes as standard equipment, a “technology package” that includes items not available on the Select trim:

  • 360 degree camera with front camera washer
  • Park-assist
  • Heads-up display
  • Forward collision warning
  • Power fold side mirror, heated and auto dim
  • Blind spot detection
  • Cross traffic alert

I am a fan of the heads up display that includes all the important data in a properly sized projection – so the Reserve trim is a must for me.

This Reserve also included the optional higher end “Revel” sound system with 19 speakers – ($2,700). The touch screen, voice control and navigation are based on Ford’s SYNC – one of the best available. Other than higher end LED headlights ($2,800), optional floor mats ($150) and polished 20” wheels ($750), there is not much else to spend your money on.

This fully equipped car competes with Genesis and Cadillac – as well as upper models from Mercedes, Lexus, BMW and Audi. Some of the competitor models such as those from Mercedes and BMW start at a similar prices but quickly exceed six digits when adding similar features/options.

Things to consider

2019 Lincoln Continental

Photo Credit: R.G. Beltzner

The 2019 Continental published price range starts at $59,265 for the 2.7L Select. An additional $9,000 moves you up to the Reserve with the technology package features as well as a Revel 13 speaker audio system, 24-way front seats and rear window power shade. The same Reserve but with the 3.0L 400 hp engine will cost you an additional $3,000 which in my opinion, is well worth it. This is not a car that will appeal to the “masses” but is a realistic option for those looking for a larger four to five seat luxury sedan with huge trunk space.

2019 Continental Reserve Price Tag

Base MSRP: $68,265
Price as Tested: $83,515
Taxes, license, registration and applicable fees are extra

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