2019 Oakville Federal Election Results

2019 Oakville Federal Election Results
2019 Oakville Federal Election Results
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It is official, the 2019 Oakville Federal Election Results are in. Oakville is Liberal Red.  On Monday, October 21st, it was announced that Anita Anand was elected as the new MP for the Oakville riding and Pam Damoff was re-elected as the MP for Oakville North-Burlington. 

MP Damoff speaking to press at the Press Conference in Ottawa.

MP Damoff speaking to press at the Press Conference in Ottawa.

This was the first election for Anita Anand who became the Liberal candidate after John Oliver announced he would not run at the beginning of 2019. Pam Damoff is now going back for a second time to parliament hill. Prior to being Oakville North-Burlington MP she was the Ward 2 Oakville Town Councillor.

2019 Oakville Federal Election Results

Oakville Riding

  1. Anita Anand (Liberal Party) received 46.3% of the vote
  2. James Elwick (Green Party) received 5.6% of the vote
  3. JD Meaney (People’s Party of Canada) received 1.2% of the vote
  4. Jerome Adamo (NDP) received 7.8% of the vote
  5. Sushila Pereira (Christian Heritage Party) received 0.2% of the vote
  6. Terence Young (Conservative Party) received 38.9% of the vote

The last elected Member of Parliament for the Oakville Federal Riding was John Oliver who won in 2015 with just under 50% of the vote. He won against the incumbent Conservative MP Terence Young, who held the seat from 2008 to 2015. From 1997 to 2008 the seat was held by Bonnie Brown.

Oakville North-Burlington Federal Riding

  1. Gilbert Joseph Jubinville (People’s Party of Canada) received 1.1% of the vote
  2. Michael Houghton (Green Party) received 4.2% of the vote
  3. Nicholas Dion (NDP) received 8.3% of the vote
  4. Pam Damoff (Liberal Party) received 48.1% of the vote
  5. Sean Weir (Conservative Party) received 38.3% of the vote

The Oakville North-Burlington Federal Riding was created in 2012 for the 2015 Election. The seat was won by Pam Damoff by 46.74% of the vote. Effie Triantafilopoulos, who is the current MPP for the riding, was the Conservative Federal Candidate. Effie won 43.33% of the vote.

OakvilleNews.Org would like to congratulate our new MP’s – Anita Anand and Pam Damoff. We would also like to thank all the candidates and the vast number of people who volunteered. You are the people who make our democracy great.

Whatever your beliefs, it is now time to pull together.

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