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2020 Tree Maintenance & Hydro Line Clearing Programs

2020 tree maintenance
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The 2020 tree maintenance and Hydro Line Clearing programs begin this January. The programs manages our urban forest ensuring its future health. By being pro-active, the reduction of residents calling for emergency pruning is noticeable. In the long run, it also ensures that the crews and equipment are working efficiently, and thereby save us both time and money.

The 2020 Tree Maintenance Program boundaries are from Lake Ontario to Dundas Street between Bronte and Burloak and all street trees north of Dundas. Forestry staff inspected 10,196 street trees in this block and identified 6,564 of trees in need of pruning. This is part of the 9 year rotational tree maintenance program that council approved.

As arborists examine the urban forest for possible hazards and tree health concerns, they are able to:

  1. Discover insect infestation prior to them becoming a serious problem
  2. Determine which trees require pruning
  3. Focus on certain tree species requiring more attention
  4. Ensure that immature trees don’t develop structural problems such as weak branch structure, crossing branches and co-dominant leaders.

Hydro Line Clearing Program

2020’s Hydro Line Clearing Program focuses on Area 2. Area 2 boundaries are Burloak to the Milton/Oakville Boarder east to Trafalgar Road, south to the 403/QEW, west to 4th line, south to Rebecca and west to Burloak.

2020 Tree Clearing Program - Area 2

Image Credit: Town of Oakville

The Hydro Line Clearing program ensures the security of our hydro electrical service while maintaining a healthy tree canopy. Trained arborists are used to determine the best way to protect the trees and work within the guidelines of the Electrical Safety Authority’s industry standard. Those guide lines are:

  • minimum three-metre (10 foot) clearance between branches and primary power lines
  • one metre (three feet) for secondary lines
  • provide clearance from hydro poles and guy-lines

The Hydro line clearing program works on a 4 year cycle.

Public Open House

A public open house about the Hydro Clearing Program happens on Tuesday, January 7th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the QE Park Community and Cultural Centre at 2302 Bridge Road. Staff will be available to answer your questions.

More information is available online about tree pruning around hydro lines and how you can help maintain your trees.


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