3 Everyday Things You’ve Forgotten to Update

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3 Everyday Things You’ve Forgotten to Update
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Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway is the owner of Evolving Fashion Inc, a Fashion Consulting business located in Oakville, Ontario. Specializing in helping men 25-65 navigate through the shopping process to improve their image both for work and meeting women! Lisa's streamlined shopping process allows her clients to improve their wardrobe quickly and easily. Lisa and her husband recently moved home after a decade living in BC to be closer to family after having their second child

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Every now and then, I glance through my husbands wardrobe and notice things that have begun to get a bit shabby from every day use. Because they are used so frequently, we hardly think to replace them unless they break or we lose them. We forget about our old faithfuls to update more obvious things. As we’ve discussed, true style is in consistent details.

Below is a list of 3 things its time to replace.

1. Your Glasses

Man, it frustrates me to see people with outdated glasses. Only the lucky ones get this facial accessory (unless you are vain and wear glasses frames with no prescription – as a glasses wearer I say FOR SHAME) and it should be updated no longer than every 3-5 years. Your glasses need to suit your face, which is obvious but how do you know what works? Your glasses should improve your look, not make you look worse. When you put them on, you should feel good.

When you go shopping, bring a (girl) friend and try on at least 25 pairs. Take pictures, then go away to think about it. Now it’s your turn to be vain; take your time because you will be wearing these every single day. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more money too. More expensive frames have better design (less likely to break, lighter weight, more comfortable), better optical quality (which could prevent further eyesight deterioration) and more stylish choices.

2. Underwear

Photo credit: GreggMP / Foter / CC BY-ND

Photo credit: GreggMP / Foter / CC BY-ND

If I could give one article of clothing to every man, it would be (at least) one reeeallly nice pair of underwear. Whats a nice pair of underwear you ask? A new breed of undergarment that will support you, cradle you, love you all day long, oh and by the way they look great too! You should have 12-15 pairs that are all nice. You wear them every day; it’s the closest thing to your body, and (should) provide you the gentle support of a fleecy glove. Let me paint you two pictures.

The first: you are on that date with your lady when things are going to get physical. Boun-chicka-boun-boun. When she finds you in your skivvies, she sees a fashionable (yes, underwear are fashionable) pair of undies that fit nicely, and highlight your… ummm, assets. She is intrigued. Surely you must be an experienced lover if you care about those tiny details. Since you gave thought to your underwear, you will most definitely give thought to under her where…

OR: You didn’t realize it would happen tonight. You have on a ratty-ass pair of stretched out boxes down to your knees, that you can only hope are clean. “Dim the lights” you think, she probably won’t notice. She WILL. Who do you think she wants to get busy with more? Case in point, go buy some new underwear. EVEN if you have been married for 50 years, your poor dear wife deserves you looking good in the boudoir.

Please keep in mind: underwear that come in multi-packs or that you buy in Big Box stores do not qualify as “nice” underwear. Budget between $12-$30 a pair.

3. Cologne

Photo credit: jafsegal / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: jafsegal / Foter / CC BY

How did you pick your signature scent? Did someone give it to you as a gift? Did you get a sample and liked it enough to buy it? Or did you wear it on the first date with your wife and stuck with it? Chances are, you and your life are a lot different from when you chose your smell.

It’s important to consider your body chemistry when selecting your fragrance. They evolve throughout the day as you go to work, hit the gym and rot in traffic.

To pick your new scent, go and get many many samples. Wear each one for 3 days. Get your family or friends involved, because they will be the ones with the offended olfactories.

Updating these forgotten about yet highly relied on every day items is the easiest way to consistently look good. After all, who better than you deserves to feel great about the way they look?


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