386 new businesses in Oakville opened in 2015

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386 new businesses in Oakville opened in 2015
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Gary Carr

Gary Carr

In 2006, Gary was elected to the position of Regional Chair at the Regional Municipality of Halton, and was re-elected to the position in 2010. Gary sits on the Standing Committees of Health and Social Services, Administration and Finance, and Planning and Public Works, in addition to a number of Advisory Committees. Gary is also a member of the board for the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, and served on the Halton Regional Police Services Board and Metrolinx.

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Halton continues to experience strong business growth, with nearly 1,000 new businesses setting up operations throughout the region and bringing Halton’s business community to just over 13,250 establishments in 2015. Of new total, Oakville had 386 new businesses open during 2015.

Halton businesses also created close to 1,800 additional jobs during the year and boosted Halton’s workforce to over 220,000 predominantly full-time workers.

The growth has helped Halton attain an average unemployment rate of just 5.3 per cent—significantly lower than provincial and national rates. These statistics were key indicators of Halton’s economic health highlighted with the release of the 2015 Employment Survey at Regional Council on Wednesday, June 23, 2016.

At Halton Region, we are committed to supporting and sustaining a strong local economy and the Employment Survey helps up plan for the future to ensure that when businesses choose to locate in Halton, they are choosing one of the best places to do business in Canada. These strong indicators are another example of why Halton is a great place for businesses to succeed.

The Region conducts the survey annually with local businesses to highlight the factors underlying Halton’s economic health. The results support policy and decision-making at the Region and inform infrastructure improvements that serve local residents and businesses.


Halton is evolving into a major employment area and key market in Ontario. Businesses in Halton benefit from a deep talent pool of professionals, proximity to leading educational institutions, easy access to major markets and a high quality of life.

Key highlights from the 2015 Employment Survey include:

  1. Nearly half of Halton’s businesses were located within Halton’s designated employment areas.
  2. Halton has a thriving small business community, with nearly two-thirds of the region’s businesses employing fewer than 10 workers.
  3. Over 90 per cent of businesses surveyed in 2014 were still operating in 2015.
  4. The top three employment sectors in Halton are retail trade, manufacturing and educational services.
  5. Halton’s business community has grown 2.4 per cent each year, on average, since 2011. This growth closely matches the growth rate of the population in the region.

The Employment Survey is an important resource that helps Halton Region effectively plan for growth, attract new businesses and visitors, and support economic sustainability in Halton—all key priorities in Halton Region’s Strategic Action Plan 2015 – 2018. Over 98 per cent of Halton’s 13,259 businesses participated in the 2015 Employment Survey.


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