5 Fast Wardrobe Fixes That Won’t Cost A Cent!

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5 Fast Wardrobe Fixes That Won’t Cost A Cent!
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Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway is the owner of Evolving Fashion Inc, a Fashion Consulting business located in Oakville, Ontario. Specializing in helping men 25-65 navigate through the shopping process to improve their image both for work and meeting women! Lisa's streamlined shopping process allows her clients to improve their wardrobe quickly and easily. Lisa and her husband recently moved home after a decade living in BC to be closer to family after having their second child

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Looking good takes effort; time, and work. Most importantly, it takes the desire to look good. BUT sometimes we find ourselves running low on all of the above. Maybe we slept in, or maybe we have a cold, or maybe our “give a damn” is just plain busted. The true key to looking good is in the details. You can fake them with a few easy tricks, and fool people into believing you spent mega bucks, even though you did it all for free!

Below are 5 simple wardrobe fixes that will make you look better without even opening up your wallet.

1. Button Your Top Shirt Button On The Hanger

It might sound like a strange suggestion, but trust me. Your shirts (and the ladies- wink) will take notice. By buttoning up that top button every time you hang your shirt, you train your shirt collar to be stiff and robust rather than limp and floppy, which gives you a more authoritative appearance. This is so easy, yet so impactful on your overall look.

Duck Dynasty, Tips, Oakville News, 2. Shave Your Neck If You Have A Beard

I know what you are doing. You claim you’re rocking a beard to express yourself, but really you are lazy. Think no one will notice? You may be right, they might not know why you look unkempt, but your hairy neck that looks untidy. If you want to look well put together for work with a beard, shave every day. If you have a more casual workplace, shaving every couple of days is ok. This will change your look from a cast member of Duck Dynasty to the Oxy Clean Guy (he and his beard died before their well groomed time!).

3. Clean/Shine Your Shoes

Bill Mays

Bill Mays

“My shoes are clean” you think to yourself as you read this. Are they? Are they really?? Chances are, they aren’t. When was the last time you shined them? Do you even own a shoe shining kit? Your shoes are the last details that help finish your outfit. It’s where they eye goes last, so don’t blow it! Dusty, dirty, or dingy shoes show your true colours. To help your little charade, just shine your shoes and no one will be the wiser.

4. Match Your Belt To Your Shoes

Easy peasy right? How come so many people get this wrong? Black belt, black shoes. Brown belt? Yep, you guessed it, brown shoes. Period. If you only have one belt, go buy another. If you don’t have enough money to buy a belt, dig in between the cushions of your couch, find $4 and go to the Dollar Store; they have some that aren’t half bad! Stop making excuses, and match your belt and shoes.

Ironing Board5. Iron Your Shirt

I feel like your mother telling you this, but it’s so obvious I feel the need to nag. If you have ever rolled out of bed, grabbed a shirt off the floor, sniffed it, and thought “good enough” I’m talking to you. No one looks forward to ironing; it’s tedious and time consuming. You should establish a good routine of ironing, every couple of days, and have enough nice shirts in your wardrobe to be able to go at least 5 days in between pressing sessions. Don’t bother ironing your shirts every morning, you run the risk of choosing 5 more minutes of sleep over looking crisp.

Looking good has to be a choice. Few people can roll out of bed and look perfect (damn you Hugh Jackman!!), so stop trying to cheat and give a little more thought to your outfit selection. You will look and feel better, and those around you think so too!


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  1. The devil is in the details. Great tips and best of luck. Whistlers loss is Oakville’s gain.

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