5 of the Best Holiday Party Outfits

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5 of the Best Holiday Party Outfits
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Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway

Lisa Holdaway is the owner of Evolving Fashion Inc, a Fashion Consulting business located in Oakville, Ontario. Specializing in helping men 25-65 navigate through the shopping process to improve their image both for work and meeting women! Lisa's streamlined shopping process allows her clients to improve their wardrobe quickly and easily. Lisa and her husband recently moved home after a decade living in BC to be closer to family after having their second child

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Lets face it, it’s the time of year when we are ready for a break. Festive vibes are everywhere, and the need to party is brewing. Looking great for your work and social functions is key in solidifying your reputation as a stylish man in a sometimes not so stylish holiday world. With so many different parties to attend, who’s to know what to wear? Here’s a few ideas for the best outfits to wear throughout this holiday season.

1. The Fancy Work Party

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s the holidays you can dress like an ass. Too many people wear the unfortunately popular “ugly sweaters” and novelty ties. Keep those ghastly fashion faux pas to your own personal functions.

To your work party, you wear a suit. Not everyone wears a suit to work, but even if you do, this is your opportunity to show your boss and your co-workers your level of professionalism runs deeper than 9-5. Your goal, show up looking better than your boss- this way, you are on your way to becoming him.

Look for a unique shirt and tie combo. The secret: match one colour in the tie that is also in your shirt. Bonus points if that colour is also the pin stripe in your suit.

If you groaned at the thought of having to wear a suit- call me. You should love your suits and feel as amazing as you look!

2. An Acquaintances’s Christmas Party

So maybe you just met the person, or perhaps it’s your wifes long time friend. Either way, you want to look your best as you develop your new friendship or want your wife to feel good about showing you off. Being well dressed is easy when you have the right clothes. What to wear? Dark dress pants, a light dress shirt, no tie. Bonus piece to look sassy; a fitted sweater.

Light shirt, dark pants, and a smile!  Photo by Lisa Holdaway

Light shirt, dark pants, and a smile!
Photo by Lisa Holdaway

Bonus, Cashmere sweater! Photo by Lisa Holdaway

Bonus, Cashmere sweater!
Photo by Lisa Holdaway














3. Your Family Affair

You want your mom to feel good about giving her baby boy a snuggle. The key to the family even is to look cozy and polished. When you wear a style of sweater like a cowl neck or a cardigan with toggle buttons, it screams “I am relaxed, but I look great”. Imagine the outfit you would choose if you were going to a fancy cottage in the fall!

Cozy yet dressy sweater Photo by Lisa Holdaway

Cozy yet dressy sweater
Photo by Lisa Holdaway













4. Your Buddies Bash

Suit up baby. If you are single, this will be the place to score. If you are taken, this will be the place to gloat “I’m taken, you only wish bitches!”. Because this suit is different from your every day suit, everyone will take notice. Choose a suit with a bit of a shark skin finish (easy boys- it’s not as crazy as it sounds, more flash then a typical suit, but still with a classic fit).

Look great in your suit Photo by Lisa Holdaway

Look great in your suit
Photo by Lisa Holdaway













5. The Holiday Date

Your goal: contact! Be it canoodling, making out, or whatever, you need to be touchable. All I can say- ladies cannot resist a man in a cashmere sweater.  A man who even thinks to buy one must surely be a man worth knowing, since he knows so much about style! Word of warning, cheaper versions are itchy, uncomfortable, and will have your gall running to Frosty to soothe her cheap fabric rash!

Sexy date outfit Photo by Lisa Holdaway

Sexy date outfit
Photo by Lisa Holdaway

Finish 2014 with a bang. Show up to your parties aiming to be the best dressed there. I guarantee you will become know for your impeccable style by the end of the holiday season. And if you are at a loss, call me, I will make your holiday fashion full of cheer!



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