A Decade of Excellent Music by Musikay: A Year of Celebration

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A Decade of Excellent Music by Musikay: A Year of Celebration
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Stephane Potvin

Director Stéphane Potvin is an accomplished, creative conductor recognized for his profound and inspirational approach to music making. With over twenty years of experience, he is able to coax lyrical performances from orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles alike. Above all he loves sharing his passion for music with audiences.

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That is right, Musikay is ten years old and this year we have a lot to offer to you.
We have rebuilt our website with more information and some exciting new features. Visit www.musikay.ca for everything Musikay.

We have an exciting concert season; three program taking you to the best European landscapes. Our first program on October 24 & 25, Dieu, L’Homme, l’Amour (God, Man, Love) is a celebration of the French culture with music in French or by French composers. The pieces all relate to the theme of Love; from love of God, romantic love, and even physical love. Those French people were certainly not shy about the latter.
 Ooo la, la!

To celebrate Christmas, on December 19, we offer our annual and exceptional presentation of Messiah with soloists, choir, and orchestra. Our performance is unique because we truly bring the text to life in an interpretation that has left many patrons commenting they had never heard Messiah done so passionately before.

We close the festivities on April 16, with The world of Dufay; a wonderful marriage of the music of Dufay, Josquin and many composers of the Franco-Flemish school. Enticing melodies and rich harmonies. This is also the occasion to celebrate the short life of our Music Director’s second son with the premiere of a new work dedicated to his memory.

For those looking to learn about music and/or improve their musical skills, we offer several workshop and sing-alongs. As part of our series called The confident chorister, we offer five programmes:

  1. Music reading skills for beginners to advanced singers on September 12 & 13
  2. On September 26 & 27 we learn how to prepare ourselves for rehearsals and concerts
  3. On October 31, before going out for Halloween, learn the proper vocal technique and how to sing in tune.
  4. On January 16 & 17, anyone can learn how to conduct and learn to better understand their own conductor(s)
  5. On December 5 we present for a second year our very well liked How to handle Messiah where we learn about the music of Handel in a an eye opening way that will make hearing Messiah a new and powerful experience.
  6. This season we also begin offering professional development starting with a professional conducting workshop on February 5 & 6.

There are a lot of exciting events this year and we look forward to seeing you at all of them.


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