A Disenchanted World: A Local Editorial on the Attacks in Paris

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A Disenchanted World: A Local Editorial on the Attacks in Paris
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Today I am angry. I woke up thinking ‘ I don’t want to leave my home today ‘ . Feeling raped of our security, our freedoms, our happiness, how can anyone even fathom the thought of what has transpired over the last 12 hours. What kind of mind executes these type of events?

From the colour of a Starbucks Cup to the Tragic Events in Paris, our world has once again become so very disenchanted and disconnected with life and reality. I am outraged over the senseless terrorist attacks by extremists who have once again tried to take our freedom away. To the Parisians, we stand tall with you in this fight and begin to power healing into your beautiful Paris.

To the people who follow the Muslim religion, whom are falsely being blamed for this, we stand with you as well.  This is not your work, but the work of a barbaric extremist population. A mindset that is trying to segregate our world against a world trying so hard to seek solutions to work with and live together in harmony. To the Syrian refugees, you will soon find hope in Canada. Continue to fight for your freedom as there are countries opening their doors to you, as many of our ancestors have done for us. But, please understand, we know there are terrorist cells living amongst you all. The safety of our own country, cities, families, children will always come first. Our due–diligence will be our first priority to ensure the safety of Canada.

At the same time, I am tired of seeing people clog up my social pages with stupidity over the Starbucks holiday collection. Really? Where is even the justification to posting this? Do you even read your words before you post? Just had to throw that in there. TIME TO BAN USELESS FACEBOOK POSTS.

We continue to blog about the disruption and destruction in business and who is making an impact. Our world is undergoing a war that will never go away, at least not in our lifetime, nor in the lifetime of our children. I don’t know enough about politics, war, terrorism or extremism; but now I  understand culture and people. Being the daughter of immigrant parents, I always believed that our minds, hearts and souls must somehow meet halfway. It is how we are raised, it is how we need to raise our children. These extremists are children raised with a warped mindset, and it is these terrorist cells we must find and dismantle. Ever wonder why terrorists and extremists are so young?

But how? A question we ask ourselves, why does this happen to the most vulnerable of countries? How does this happen when things appear to be so normal. No matter where it happens, it affects all of humanity, globally. Imagine not having the social space to offer support or solace to those most affected by these barbaric acts of violence?

We know that 140 plus people have been killed by ISIS. We must now again walk with our third eye watching. Be vigilant and should you suspect a criminal situation contact the Halton Regional Police or anonymously contact Halton Crime Stoppers.

My question to you all is this, how do we now unify to work towards progress? Do we strengthen our allies and begin a fight to dismantle these extremists. God knows it will only get worse in the year to come. There is a plan to bring 25,000 refugees into Canada. We must take our time to work with due diligence so we can catch the evil living amongst them.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Jock Macrae says:

    It is sad that the events that took place in Paris, was needed to wake up the Canadian Media and the Liberals who called Stephen Harper a Hate Monger. The message here is what Justin has said. “This is 2015” Time for the Liberal Government to get their heads out of the sand, and face the real world. I suggest that they forget the cozy 50 – 50 split in the cabinet. They would be best to put Harper in their cabinet who has the experience and the real story.

  2. Mari Lake says:

    Ahhh… but there are extremist’s everywhere, aren’t there? We fail to call attention to them until something like this happens, and when it does, the rest of the world reacts as one, laying blame and pointing fingers. Isis claims responsibility for the first series of attacks, and warns that more is to come. What makes them so untouchable? What gives them the right to terrify people and exercise vicious actions against mankind? Allah is good? Please, save me the crap they spew forth. These people need to look inside themselves, and question the logic behind their actions. They have removed democracy and they want the support of Western allies but they control us… ISIS earns over $3 MM a DAY in oil. WTF? We are sweating it out over $1.35/litre. In an oil producing country. Instead of trying to take over the world, why don’t they freaking join it?

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