A Good Day to Die Hard: Movie Review

Bruce Willis does it again and again, but this time he’s playing Dad to his estranged son Jack, performed by Aussie actor Jai Courtney. Russia is the destination, and saving the world from Nuclear profiteers is the story line. There are the requisite number of car chases, gun fights, pretty girls gone bad and the dastardly villain. “A Good Day to Die Hard” has a few twists and turns, but nothing that is unexpected from the “Die Hard” franchise. If you are a fan of this Willis franchise – you’ll likely be pleased. If you happen to love plain action flicks – you’ll also likely enjoy the movie. To call it a film is a stretch.

280px-Mercedes-Benz_G_350_BlueTEC_(W_463,_3._Facelift)_–_Frontansicht,_7._August_2012,_StuttgartThe featured cars are Mercedes, and it appears that every BMW is blown up. I’m not sure if that means BMW wasn’t willing to fork over the big bucks. Mercedes definitively came out the winner, with vehicles that can take a licking and keep on going – much like John McLean.

The NRA must have been a serious sponsor, since automatic and semi-automatic weapons were readily available – including being stored in the back of everyone’s car. Supposedly, Moscow club owners don’t approve of weapons in their clubs. I’ll have to keep a note of that the next time I’m in Moscow.

The movie has grossed $37 million, since it was released on Valentine’s Day – which is on the light side for this 25 year old franchise. Cineplex has made this film is available with D-Box seats – which move you in time to the movie. Likely an enjoyable movie experience – though I didn’t partake. Was this movie enjoyable – yes. It was exactly what I was looking for – I fun action movie.


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