A Good Samaritan Pays It Forward and Makes a Good Start to the New Year

$1000 in cash returned!

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A Good Samaritan Pays It Forward and Makes a Good Start to the New Year
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Chantal Corner

Chantal Corner

Sergeant Chantal Corner is the Media Relations Officer for the Halton Regional Police Department. She grew up in Oakville and graduated from Loyola. She still resides in Oakville.

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On January 6, 2015, a female attended a gym at Maplegrove Plaza in the Town of Oakville and upon returning to her car, noticed an envelope with $1000.00 in cash and a $75.00 cheque inside was missing.

After searching the area herself, and calling police to make a report, she went home empty handed.

Later that day, she received a call from a stranger informing her she had her envelope and contents and wanted to return it.

The Good Samaritan noticed the white envelope on the ground in the Maplegrove Plaza parking lot and thinking it was garbage picked it up and took it home. As she went to discard the envelope, she noticed it seemed thicker than it should and opened it up.

She contacted the author of the cheque and a family member of the victim was already aware of the missing money.

Both females met and the Good Samaritan handed over the envelope.

The Halton Regional Police is very proud to serve our community. One of the main reasons is due to our genuine, sincere, responsible and giving citizens that make up our municipalities.

Thank you for starting the year off right!



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