A Prayer for Canada

A Prayer for Canada: A Christian Perspective

Cdn flag on armoury wall in hamilton with tributes
A Prayer for Canada
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Reverend Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes

Reverend Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes

The Reverend Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes is the Minister of Maple Grove United Church, and is a member of the Interfaith Councill of Halton. A chatty extrovert with a conversational preaching style, a multi-tasker who is a “multi-worrier” when it comes to caring about people’s problems, and a leader who treasures teaming with the lay people in her church, Morar says that at Maple Grove she has experienced “a deeper level of ministry than I thought possible.” Anyone who has personally received Morar’s deeply compassionate caring and wise counsel will testify to what an inspirational, healing and encouraging ministry it is.

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We pray for all Canadians in the light of recent events:
the shooting at the National War Memorial which resulted in the death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and the death by vehicle in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu which resulted in the death of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, and injury to another soldier.

We give thanks for a history of freedom and safety that has allowed us to consider the guarding of Parliament Hill with only one firearm on the premises a wise course of action.

We pray for Canadian Muslims who share our abhorrence of violence:
for those who rejected one of the troubled young men from their mosque;
for those who work so hard to live out their faith peacefully
for caring and committed Canadians who may suffer unjustly.

We pray that more attention will be given to the mental health aspects of extreme violence. Our prayers go out to all troubled souls seeking solace: may they find peace through increased attention by wise and caring folk and a wise and caring health care system.

We pray for the families of the victims that they may know your love through the love and grief of a nation. And we pray the families of the perpetrators, and other families of those whose mental anguish cannot be abated peacefully.

God, keep our land not only glorious and free, but fair and just and focussed on lifting up those who are downtrodden. God, keep our land full of peace.

Moderator the Right Reverend Gary Paterson, spiritual leader of the United Church of Canada, guides us in prayer in his words:

Teach us, God, how to be faithful during this time of fear and anxiety.

And provide those most affected by these acts of violence the abiding comfort and peace that we cannot.

We yearn for and seek your commonwealth of peace and justice:
Make clear to us how to faithfully respond in a way that
loves what you love and
acts as you have taught us.

Give us the strength and wisdom
to choose compassion,
to choose hope,
to choose love,

in times when it is so easy
to choose apathy,
to choose fear,
to choose hatred.

From the depths of our hearts, we pray to you, God.


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