A Sneak Peek of the New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

OTMH Patient Room
A Sneak Peek of the New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
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The new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital at Third Line and Highway #5 is almost complete, and OakvilleNews.Org was given a sneak peek. On December 13th 2015 all patients will be moved to the new hospital and the doors will be closed at 327 Reynolds Street; a hospital that has served Oakville well for 65 years. The old property now belongs to the Town of Oakville and the plans for its use are on the Town of Oakville website.

The new hospital site is sized for a growing community and is focused on providing an enhanced experience for patients, their families and the staff. Of the 457 hospital rooms, eighty percent are singles. They are designed with the top equipment, much of which is concealed in the walls and ceilings, state of the art hospital beds, huge windows bringing in outside light and bathrooms with showers; no more sharing showers with thirty or more patients and there is less opportunity to transmit diseases.

Emergency Waiting Room

OTMH’s new Emergency Waiting Room is designed to help patients move through to ER doctors and nurses as efficiently as possible in a calm and serene environment. Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

The Emergency area is designed with privacy in mind. Accessed from the north end of the hospital, there are only a small number of chairs in the waiting room – Why? The goal is to quickly transfer patients to the area that best suits their needs, ensuring the best possible care. The rooms holding the CT Scanners are closely linked to the emergency area to decrease the distance required to move patients. A special feature of the CT Scan rooms are pictures of the sky on the ceilings, designed to calm the patient while undergoing the procedures.

Trauma Room

A Trauma Room at the New Oakville Hospital has the latest equipment close at hand to ensure patients will be given the care they need. Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

These are only a couple of examples of the amount of thought that went into creating the new hospital. Many times during our tour of the new Oakville Trafalgar Hospital, Sylvia Rogers, SVP of Clinical Programs, emphasized that “the mission of the new facility is to create a better patient experience”. This is stated again on the website: www.haltonhealthcare.com “Quality is a word we take very seriously at Halton Healthcare Services. As our mission states, ‘we are committed to providing quality, compassionate care and services to meet the needs of our diverse population in an effective and timely manner.’

CT Scanner

A CT Scanner is just one of the thousands of state of the art technologies incorporated into the new Oakville hospital. Photo Credit: Janet Bedford.

This is so apparent as you walk through the facility. The chairs are comfortable. The rooms have space and light. The equipment is the best. We know the past experiences with the Halton Healthcare staff will continue, and so we can be sure that the New Oakville Trafalgar Hospital will live up to, and surpass, its goals. Paul McIvor, the OTMH Public Relations Representative on our tour says of the new facility, ”The new hospital is three times the size of the old one but it does not feel like it. There are many levels and patient spaces, including rooftop gardens and cozy rooms, that the facility feels intimate.”

There will be tours this weekend for the public to view the new facility. The Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital at Third Line and Highway #5 is almost complete! Join the excitement!


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