Additional $150M to support Ontario’s most vulnerable people

vulnerable people
Additional $150M to support Ontario’s most vulnerable people
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The province is providing municipalities and urban Indigenous community partners with an additional $150 million to continue to protect vulnerable people from COVID-19 by improving homeless shelters and creating opportunities for longer-term housing.
Currently in the Town of Oakville there is one homeless shelter run by the Salvation Army, and three major food banks: Kerr Street Mission, Oakville Fare Share Food Bank, and Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre.

According the Community Development Halton most recent statistics (2018) the homeless rate in Oakville was 65.5 heads of households per 100,000. If the funds are distributed according to population then Oakville may receive approximately $2 million.

This investment more than doubles the funding currently flowing to local municipal service managers and urban Indigenous program administrators through the Social Services Relief Fund.

The funds can be used for long-term, innovative housing solutions resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. The Town of Oakville can use this money to renovate shelters or purchase new facilities that will help with physical distancing in the short term and support longer-term, more sustainable solutions to homelessness. In addition, this funding could also be used to provide vulnerable people with food, shelter and supplies.

A total of $350 million will be made available through the Social Services Relief Fund (SSRF). The province announced an initial expenditure of $200 for the SSRF on March 23, 2020.

This builds on the support being delivered as part of the COVID-19 Action Plan to Protect Vulnerable Ontarians. The action plan provides enhanced screening and testing in high-risk settings such as shelters and homes, including for those with developmental disabilities, and provides personal protective equipment and training so staff will know what to do in the event of an outbreak.

“The Government’s Social Services Relief Fund was an immediate response to COVID-19 related municipal costs when it was announced in March. The initial $148 million literally saved lives in communities across Ontario,” said Jamie McGarvey, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. “The additional $150 million announced today will help offset the added costs of addressing homelessness and protecting the most vulnerable from COVID-19.”


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