Admission: Movie Review

Admission_movie_posterThis movie is such a change from the last few movies I’ve gone to, it is hard to tell if I like Admission better simply because there are no cars being blown up, gratuitous violence, or outlandish sex scenes. Admission is about a Princeton admissions officer (Tina Fey) who is trying to fight her way through a full trough of applications. According to the movie there are 20,000 requests, and only 1200 spots available. She is battling overzealous type A parents, another admissions officer who is battling for the head of admissions position which is being vacated, the end of a 10 year relationship, a hippy mother, and her own maternal instincts.

One of the roles of admissions officers is to visit schools in order to build the applicant pool. During a visit  she bumps into her former classmate (Paul Rudd), head of an alternative school. Rudd is bound and determined to get one of his students into Princeton, a rather unlikely but brilliant candidate.  The rest of the class are completely unimpressed with Princeton – a nice turn of events.

imagesThe movie plays like a good novel adaptation. The dialogue is well crafted, the characters have just the right amount of oddness to make the story interesting. There are twists and turns, though a few are a little too predictable, but enough to keep the audience engaged. The best part is the feminist, hippy inspired mother of Fey performed by Lili Tomlin. Tomlin is just wonderful, and has a character that she is able to completely develop. Fey plays her role well, though she just wasn’t able to pull it off without me thinking: look Tina Fey is playing a character. Rudd has a solid performance, but is a little too much of a “oh shucks” kind of guy.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, but it isn’t going to appeal to everyone. Students doing applications to university and anybody who has ever had to deal with college or university admittance will enjoy this take on Admission.



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