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Advertising Rate Card – We speak to your Oakville Customer Everyday

1000’s of Oakville residents read OakvilleNews.org. They could easily be your next customer. Advertising with OakvilleNews.Org opens your door to that prospective customer.

Oakville News is dedicated to bringing the latest and most up-to-date news and information to the Oakville community. We believe great customer service is the cornerstone to building a trusting and lasting relationship with our readership and clients as well as the biggest contributing factor in our success as Oakville’s go-to source for information.

We want to thank you for your interest in advertising with us and taking the time to look at our media package. Our sales manager is always happy to answer any questions you might have and will work with you to make sure you get just the right ad for your needs.

We look forward to serving the Oakville community and our clients for many years to come.

Advertising Packages

Oakville News offers a wide range of advertising packages so you can connect with your customers. We specialize in digital online marketing that gets to your customers faster and is more responsive to their needs. Our platforms cover traditional desktop environments as well as newer technologies such as mobile and social media.

Our focus is on local businesses serving the Oakville community.

Social Media Packages

Oakville News is a leader in social media advertising. By purchasing a Social Media Package, your ad can leverage the thousands of readers that follow Oakville News on social media every day.


Oakville News has built up a loyal number of subscribers. The subscribers choose of a daily edition (morning, evening) and or a weekly edition.

Calendar of Events

Oakville News lists thousands of events every year. Each day a list of events is prominently displayed in a constantly scrolling list. Your event listing could be seen by thousands of people daily.

Advertising Reports

Are provided at request.

About our Readers – 2019


  • Canada: 91.23%
  • US: 5.03%


  • 37.62% Oakville
  • 22.46% Toronto
  • 5.96% Burlington
  • 5.13% Mississauga
  • 3.93% Hamilton
  • 1.65% Milton

Average monthly views:

  • 40,000 plus


  •  Desktop and/or Laptop: 33.3%
  •  Mobile: 55%
  •  Tablets: 11.7%



  • Male 50.2%
  • Female 49.8%


  • 18-24: 2.64%
  • 25-34: 19.15%
  • 35-44: 24.9%
  • 45-54: 24.44%
  • 55-64: 17.49%
  • 65 plus: 11.39%


“It was a pleasure working with you guys, and the client is happy as well. I appreciate you going above and beyond with the social posts and providing quick reporting. Our experience was entirely positive.”

Holly Caporiccio
– Account Manager,
Agency for RioCan Oakville Place


“We use Oakville News as it has great reach into our community with very informative articles and comprehensive events listing about what is going on in Oakville.”

Shaun Waitzer, Owner
– Kerr Street Café


“We have been very pleased with the traffic generated from our Oakville News placements. It’s obvious Oakville News is a go to website for our town’s residents.”

Dean Arfin, Owner
– CORE 1


Desktop Ad Sizes & Rates

Advertising Layout

Super Leaderboard Ad

Size: 970×90

Premium Social Media, or

Premium Mobile Site


Leaderboard Location

1 Week: $600.00

Leaderboard Ad

Size: 728×90

Premium Social Media, or

Premium Mobile Site


Leaderboard Location

One Week: $500.00

Rectangle Ad

Size: 200×90


Left or Right Banners, or

Anywhere in Left Sidebar

One Week: $200.00

Medium Rectangle Ad

Size: 300×250


Anywhere in Right Sidebar

One Week: $250.00

Wide Skyscraper Ad

Size: 160×600

Premium Social Media, or

Premium Mobile Site


Anywhere in Left Sidebar, or

Anywhere in Right Sidebar

One Week: $500.00

Half Page Ad

Size: 300×600

Premium Social Media, or

Premium Mobile Site


Anywhere in Right Sidebar

One Week: $500.00

Full Banner Ad

Size: 468×60 to 468×100


Anywhere in Main Column

One Week: $250.00

Custom Desktop Ad SizesMost of our ad sizes conform to the IAB Display Ad Size Guidelines but we can also customize the size of many of our ad spaces.

Price: Increases in proportion to the price of the base ad, i.e. a 20% increase in the height of an ad would mean an increase of 20% in its price.

Ask us for details.

Desktop Ad Locations
Column Layout

Leaderboard Location
Can Contain:
Super Leaderboard Ad (970×90)
Leaderboard Ad (728×90)
Left Banner Location
Right Banner Location

Can Contain:

Rectangle Ad (200×150)

Left Sidebar Location

Can Contain:

Rectangle Ad (200×150)

Wide Skyscraper Ad (160×600)

Main Column Location

Can Contain:

Full Banner Ad (468×60-100)

Right Sidebar Location

Can Contain:

Medium Rectangle Ad (300×250)

Half Page Ad (300×600)

Wide Skyscraper Ad (160×600)

Custom Ad LocationOur page is flexible enough that ads are not constrained to the locations shown. In many cases, ads and page content can be re-arranged to accommodate your needs.

Ask us for details

The Details


Advertisers may request a custom ad size and/or a custom location.

For each ad, advertisers specify the ad size and preferred location, URL link (when ad is clicked) and the start and end dates.

For each ad, advertisers provide placement-ready artwork for the size of the ad purchased.

Desktop Placements

Desktop placement ads are shown on the version of the site accessible by traditional computers.

The Premium Social Media Package or the Premium Mobile Placement is included in the Super Leaderboard, Leaderboard, Wide Skyscraper and Half Page ads.

Mobile Placements

Mobile placement ads are shown on the version of the site accessible by tablets and smartphones.

Advertiser is responsible for providing a Medium Rectangle ad (300×250) or a Full Banner (468×60-100) ad for mobile placement, regardless of the desktop ad size purchased.


Ad is placed at the end of a news article.


Ad is placed at the beginning of a news article just below the headline and byline.

Social Media Packages

The Social Media Package is restricted to events and promotions.

During the course of your ad run, we will post text and a picture(s) which compliment your ad, on our social media networks.

For each post, advertisers provide the posting date(s), image(s) and status text.

Different images may be used for each post. Images must contain less than 20% text (by area) to adhere to Facebook’s boosted post image policy.


– 1 post on each of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.


– 3 posts on each of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagrm.

– Facebook posts are “boosted”, adding thousands of impressions to your ad.

Event Listings

When booked, listings are placed in our Events Calendar and remain there permanently. Listings may be placed independently of advertising.

Event listings include dates, times, location map and a short (250 words or less) description of the event. If an image is included, the Weekend rate will apply regardless of when the event occurs.

On the day of the event, the listing is shown on the front page of the website in a continuously scrolling list. Events occurring on Mondays to Thursdays are considered “Weekday Listings”; those occurring on Fridays to Sundays are considered “Weekend Listings”.

In addition to the daily scrolling list, weekend listings are highlighted in a post on the website and boosted on Facebook.

For each listing, advertisers specify the title, dates and times, location and description for the event.

For each listing, advertisers may provide one image.


What is the difference between an Impression and a Click?

Every time someone requests a web page from OakvilleNews.Org and the advertisement image is shown in their browser (on their computer, tablet or mobile device), our servers record one “impression.” Every time someone clicks on the advertisement image, our server records one “click.”

Our software is designed to ignore repeated requests and clicks in rapid succession from one browser. For example, if one person repeatedly reloaded or clicked on one ad in rapid succession, it would still only be counted as one impression or click; however, if that same person reloaded the ad or clicked on it hours or days later, it would be recorded as another impression or click.

Our software also does not count impressions or clicks from bots or crawlers (web search or otherwise). As well, impressions include impressions from social media posts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

For more information please fill out the following contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible: