Why Advertise On-Line in Oakville

General Internet Information for Oakville

  1. 80% of Oakville residents are on-line or 148,000 individuals
  2. 17.2 hours per week are spent on the internet
  3. 57% have performed a mobile search after seeing an internet ad as compared to:


  • 47% for Shop
  • 49% for TV 
  • 39% for Magazine
  • 32% for Billboard or Poster

Benefits of On-Line Advertising

  1. Cost: lowest cost of connecting with your target market
  2. Measurable: It is measurable – allowing you to see what works and how to improve
  3. Target: You can target your ad specially to people who are specifically looking for information about Oakville
  4. Speed: Advertising once created can be uploaded within moments addressing your target markets needs

Why OakvilleNews.Org uses CPM for ad rates:

CPM or Cost Per Milli (milli is latin for thousand) is the best way to ensure that your ad can be verified by our systems. Cost per click can be abused by your competitors which is the system used by Google’s AdSense. We are able to provide you with Click thru rates if you wish. CPM is the best way to create brand awareness in the community, since most viewers will research the advertising prior to clicking through an ad.

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