Advocating for a strong Halton

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Advocating for a strong Halton
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Gary Carr

Gary Carr

In 2006, Gary was elected to the position of Regional Chair at the Regional Municipality of Halton, and was re-elected to the position in 2010. Gary sits on the Standing Committees of Health and Social Services, Administration and Finance, and Planning and Public Works, in addition to a number of Advisory Committees. Gary is also a member of the board for the Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, and served on the Halton Regional Police Services Board and Metrolinx.

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Halton Region is a vibrant and growing community. My Regional Council colleagues and I are committed to ensuring that Halton remains strong and stable in the future.

The Provincial Places to Grow Act mandates that Halton Region’s population grow to 780,000 by 2031. To support this growth while maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy, we must ensure that growth pays for itself.

Halton’s strong financial position and AAA credit rating are key strengths, demonstrating that we are fiscally responsible with our budget. We have frozen or reduced taxes for eight straight years, while enhancing and maintaining service levels. We will not compromise this position of strength to accommodate growth. That’s why Halton Region is advocating for support from all levels of government in the form of long-term, predictable funding and legislative changes. We want to ensure that Halton’s taxpayers are not burdened with the cost of growth.

Our Advocating for a Strong Halton campaign defines Halton’s advocacy issues which include:

  • Protecting Halton’s taxpayers from the financial impacts of growth and the costs associated with conforming to Provincial legislation (including changes to the Development Charges Act)
  • Meeting Halton’s community infrastructure needs of today and tomorrow
  • Ensuring that Provincial funding for cost shared programs keeps pace with growth
  • Addressing Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CCAC) issues and offloading delays
  • Partnering with all levels of government to create real and affordable housing solutions
  • To learn more about the Advocating for a Strong Halton campaign visit

As the Provincial election quickly approaches, on June 12th, we have prepared a questionnaire for the candidates from the ridings of Burlington, Halton, Oakville and Wellington-Halton Hills. This is an opportunity for them to answer questions about critical issues related to Halton’s future. Once I receive the replies, they will be posted on our website at This questionnaire provides an opportunity for all provincial election candidates to explain to voters how you will advocate for Halton and how you and your party will resolve the challenges facing Halton Region. I hope you find it to be a usual tool before you cast your ballot.

It is important that all levels of government contribute to Halton’s high quality of life. By working together we can ensure that Halton remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.


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