After the 2013 Crippling Ice Storm

Mayors meet to seek federal and provincial aid


Oakville Mayor Rob Burton joined 22 other GTA leaders in Mississauga to call on the provincial and federal governments to provide financial assistance for the significant damages and expenses arising from the recent severe ice storm.

“I am confident that the provincial and federal governments will act in the best interest of the GTA municipalities,” Mayor Burton said.

At today’s meeting, Mayor Burton and other GTA leaders appealed to Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Linda Jefferies, to assist municipalities in paying for over a quarter of a billion dollars of expenses incurred as a result of December’s ice storm.

“For ten years your government has been successfully operating on a theme of creating strong communities in Ontario,” Mayor Burton told the Minister. “Will you stay consistent with this theme and work to restore us to our pre-storm financial status?”

Minister Jefferies confirmed that in the coming weeks the province will work to provide clarity based on damage assessments submitted by the municipalities. Minister Jefferies indicated the intention of the province is to fast-track these decisions.

The GTA leaders passed a resolution calling on the provincial and federal government to equally contribute 1/3 of the full cost of the response and ongoing recovery from December’s crippling ice storm. Given the urgency of the matter, a response was requested by March 1, 2014.

A separate resolution sought expansion of existing government programs or creation of new programs to address future impacts of climate change. These programs would include funding for the rehabilitation of municipal infrastructure affected by these events.



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