“All in the Mind” Art Exhibition

“All in the Mind” Art Exhibition
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Indira Roy Choudhury

Indira Roy Choudhury

Indira is the owner and curator of the Trias Gallery in Bronte. After 15 years running the gallery in the 'Art at 80' building at King and Spadina in Toronto, she recently moved the gallery to Bronte Village. She is a graduate of U of T Mississauga and Queens U.

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The idea of memory and how it relates to painting is intertwined. This exhibition features a variety of work by 14 artists and their explorations of how memories are at play in their work. The show is open to wide interpretations, between realistic renderings of still life and figurative, to highly intuitive abstract gardens and landscapes. Of particular note are the contrasting pieces by Ernestine Tahedl and Anne-Marie Kornachuk.

Ernestine Tahedl recently traveled extensively in the high North including Greenland. She had previously visited this area many years ago and was completely unprepared for the views that met her upon her return. She had followed reports of the recent ice shelf melt and the effect of climate warming in this region but was disheartened to see the extent of the change. Her acrylic on canvas, “Greenland Memories II” is an amalgamation of her remembered views of the glacier with the open sea and visible land that now spreads before it.

Anne-Marie Kornachuk's Sleepwalker

Anne-Marie Kornachuk’s Sleepwalker

By complete contrast, the oil on linen painting, “Sleepwalker” by Anne-Marie Kornachuk is a self-portrait of the artist in an over sized, flowing red gown. Her calm expression only hints at hidden strain. With a slight furrow on her brow, she pulls at the material while she attempts to step forward. Her dreamlike state mirrors the memory of a glorious occasion, overshadowing the brief moment of subtle discomfort in the dress.

The exhibition continues to November 8 at Trias Gallery, 11 Bronte Rd. The galleries hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM.




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