Will Oakville’s Alvin Tedjo become the Ontario Liberal Leader?

Alvin Tedjo June 2019 Liberal Party of Ontario
Will Oakville’s Alvin Tedjo become the Ontario Liberal Leader?
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On Sunday, May 26 2019, Oakville’s Alvin Tedjo announced his candidacy to become the next leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. As 200 plus supports listened, he outlined his optimistic vision for the province, along with the challenges facing the Ontario Liberal Party.

During the last provincial election Conservative Candidate Stephen Crawford decimated incumbent Oakville Liberal MPP Kevin Flynn. The Ontario Liberal Party went from a majority government to holding just 7 seats and lost official party status.

Alvin Tedjo’s concerns

  1. Affordable child care
  2. Wages keeping up with inflation
  3. Environmental Protection
  4. Healthcare
  5. Public Education

He referenced the Conservatives decision to kill Cap n Trade, which according to Mr. Tedjo gave away $3 billion of provincial revenue.  Other issues he commented on was the current government’s focus on spending money on changing license plates, along with stickers and billboards to promote killing the carbon tax.

“We can’t afford to wait to address the existential issues of our time,” Alvin said. “A rapidly changing economy, the real effects of climate change, and an education system that needs to re-tool and keep up. How we respond to these challenges will literally shape the world we’re leaving for the generation that will follow us.”

Because Ontario’s Liberals weren’t listening to the people, he acknowledged it was crushed in the last election. In order to promote inclusion he proposes membership fees be eliminated, and to institute one vote per member when the party chooses its leader. Currently only the 2000 delegates from 124 ridings vote for the party leader.

“We have to make our party more open, more inclusive, more accessible and more responsive,” said Tedjo. “We have to remove the barriers that prevent people from joining and participating in the first place.”


Alvin spoke about the need to talk about big ideas. He intends to put bold solutions on the table to strengthen the province’s economy, environment and education system.

On June 14, 20198, John Fraser MPP representing Ottawa South became the interim leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Declared Candidates

  1. Michael Coteau – MPP for Don Valley East
  2. Steven Del Duca – former MPP for Vaughan
  3. Alvin Tedjo

The Ontario Liberal Party chooses its next leader during their Annual General Meeting. The meeting takes place from June 7th to 9th at Mississauga’s International Centre.

About Alvin Tedjo

Most noteworthy, Mr. Tedjo served as Director of Government Relations at Sheridan College and Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. Also, Alvin was the Ontario Liberal Party’s candidate in the riding of Oakville North – Burlington in the 2018 election.


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