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An Oakville Resident’s Contribution to the Fight Against Cancer

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An Oakville Resident’s Contribution to the Fight Against Cancer
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Nolan A Machan

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In 2001, Vicki was faced with a scare no one wants: A potential cancer diagnosis. Right before her 40th birthday, Vicki’s gynecologist told her she needed a full hysterectomy because of two tumors, allegedly cancerous, in her uterus. After the surgery, test results showed that the tumors were benign.

“I call it a life-altering experience,” Vicki says. During this same time, Vicki’s friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. She and her friend joined The Weekend in 2003 to put their attention on something positive and proactive.

Ever since, Vicki walks dozens of kilometres every year and says, “Witnessing the other side, I’m so much more inspired to participate. OneWalk to Conquer Cancer is so important to me.”

Now,Vicki Fiddler is a 55-year-old Oakville resident who has personally raised over $100,000 for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre through her 13-year involvement in supporting the world-class cancer research centre in their goal of conquering cancer in this lifetime.

She has walked over 745-kilometres to conquer cancer in this lifetime, recently having completed the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer in September. Vicki is captain of OneWalk team Desperate for a Cure Housewives, a team that has raised over $380,000 for Personalized Cancer Medicine at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre through their dedication to OneWalk. Together, the team is determined to be part of the equation and eradicate cancer.

Vicki chose to support the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre because it is the number two cancer research facility in the world. “When I was waiting for my diagnosis, my doctor specialized in fertility treatments, so waiting in his office was incredibly hard for me. When I entered Princess Margaret Cancer Centre the first time, I immediately felt that the staff and patients understood what I was going through. That was extremely important for me.”


OneWalk to Conquer Cancer raised over $7.5 million in 2015. It’s formerly known as The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers, which raised over $148 million in 12 years for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, involving more than 50,000 dedicated walkers, donors and supporters.

Leading up to the 2016 OneWalk campaign, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is celebrating its founders who have helped save lives of thousands of Canadians undergoing treatment and care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. OneWalk has recently launched a Founders Program to give thanks to everyone who has been a part of this epic journey. Vicki is one of these people and we want to celebrate all she has done!

Vicki and her husband are 29 year residents of Bronte and raised their two children in Oakville. Now, her daughter-in-law walks with her.


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