An Oblivion not worth getting Lost In: 1/5


The science fiction category is one of the most influential genres in film history, allowing us to experience worlds and grand scale ideas we never thought we’d witness. It has helped us understand what films were capable of, that possibilities are endless.



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Overall Rating:
Opens: April 19, 2013
Running time: 124 minutes
Genre: Science Fiction

Over the past few years we’ve been blessed with state of the art science fiction films like District 9, Looper, Source Code and Cloud Atlas, so why not try to build on it and try other things? In the direction this one film went, I think today’s science fiction filmmakers should watch this, and do the opposite.

From the hollow plot to the choice of Tom Cruise as the lead, the film has too many lows and little to no pizzazz. Getting into it would make my head hurt, even more so than it already does thinking about it so I won’t let the topic of this film take up space.

Going into the film, I was very interested, especially since it was directed by Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron: Legacy, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thinking I would have a similar yet unique experience, I instead received horrendous writing (by 4 screenwriters, one of which is an Oscar winner) and a generic brain-dead action flick inspired by too many video games, starring Tom Cruise as himself. As a revitalization of the science fiction genre, this movie fails miserably and is almost insulting.

Don’t bother putting yourself through this one, save yourself the 2 hours of unnecessary torture and check out Blade Runner.


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  1. John P. New says:

    I would have to agree with you that this movie is not science fiction because it makes almost no comment on the human condition; there is nothing in the movie that really challenges our belief system or seriously questions our place in the universe.
    However, that by itself does not mean it isn’t a good movie. Just as Star Wars was a great adventure film, but not science fiction, Oblivion is an enjoyable flick where the plot twists aren’t evident too far in advance. While the colours in the movie are muted (which captures the feeling of the characters in the film), the special effects are quite good; I even noticed a destroyed CN Tower in one scene.
    Overall a decent film; I would give it a 2.5/5 (worth the money on cheap Tuesdays).


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