An Open Letter to NDP Leader, Honourable Thomas Mulcair

Thomas Muclair
An Open Letter to NDP Leader, Honourable Thomas Mulcair
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Peter Turkington

Peter Turkington

Peter Turkington is the Communications Manager at the Office of Terence Young the MP for Oakville. With over ten years in the communications field, he has designed integrated communications campaigns for companies of every size: enterprize, mid-size, and small business.Peter has held communications positions with Tim Hortons head office, Waste Management Canada, and the Regional Municipality of Halton. He has also designed campaigns for Motorola two way radios, Garage Living, the Oakville Hospital Foundation, and Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, among others. Additionally, Peter has helped companies secure prominent coverage on the topics of corporate risk, insurance, and trucking.

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Dear Hon. Thomas Mulcair,

I am pleased to note that Bill C-17, Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act (Vanessa’s Law) has all party support in the House at Second Reading today, subject to potential amendments.

As you know, Vanessa’s Law will, if passed, empower the Minister of Health, amongst other things, to order a dangerous drug that is harming Canadians off the market without delay.

Hundreds of serious adverse drug reactions occur daily in Canada risking health and lives. It is within your power to send Vanessa’s Law to the Standing Committee on Health today which is necessary to discuss potential amendments, and pass the Bill before the House rises in June, and to send it to the Senate for consideration.

This is without exaggeration a matter of life and death for the Canadians who may suffer a serious adverse drug reaction in the coming months because Bill C-17 has not been passed and implemented.

Accordingly, I respectfully request that you work with our Government House Leader to have Bill C-17 sent to Committee today.

Yours truly,

Terence Young
M.P. for Oakville

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  1. Peter Julian says:

    Dear Terence,

    Mr. Mulcair has forwarded me your letter.

    Unfortunately, I received no request from the government side on this issue until I read your letter today. As you are aware, the Government House Leader sets the daily agenda of debate on government legislation. This bill was introduced by the government on December 6, 2013 and was scheduled for just one hour of debate on March 28, 2014. Since then we have not had the opportunity to debate this legislation until the government scheduled it this morning.

    Like you, I am greatly disappointed in the Government House Leader’s failure to bring forward this important legislation in a timely manner. I believe that you should be expressing strong concerns as to why the government chose to sit on this legislation for nearly six months.

    I can assure you that swift passage of this bill is supported by New Democrats.

    Yours sincerely,
    Peter Julian
    Opposition House Leader

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