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Vanda Albuquerque

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Vanda Albuquerque, owner and lead designer of Designed for Comfort & Style, has a unique edge in the interior design and decorating industry. As a Certified Interior Decorator & Designer, coupled with years of experience in Marketing and Project Management, Vanda brings an extensive educational and experiential background that is rarely found in this industry.

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I really enjoy going to art shows and seeing what creative people have to offer. Many times I’ve wished that I could have splurged and purchased a real piece of artwork not only because I liked it but because I could afford it. Sadly, the affordability question trumped everything else and I’ve walked away from many beautiful pieces of art.

Well, for those of you like me who have limited artwork budgets, there’s hope. Art does not have to be expensive. Check out galleries, art school sales, online poster companies that sell vintage poster prints, yes, even HomeSense or furniture stores that carry some pieces of artwork. I noticed that when I rummaged through the artwork at the big home retailers, there were some pieces worthy of a second look. Not only that, the price was right. I have also been to the art school sales and the work offered for sale is superb. The piece of blown or stained glass or paintings that you pick up may be worth a few dollars in the future if the student makes it big in the art world. You never know.

Also, think about stretching your imagination and being creative yourself. You can customize some of the pictures that you’ve taken. You probably have a few favourite images sitting in your camera or hard copy photos that you put aside because you didn’t know what to do with them. Resurrect them and take them to a framing store and have them mounted or laminated on to wood, stainless steel, Plexiglas, canvas or even made into a shadow box. You determine the size. I am sure you’ve investigated the several custom print companies online that you can email images to and they will mount the picture on your choice of background. Framed or not they will be your creation. Think about what a conversation starter it is when friends and family come to visit and spot your ‘creation’.

Now, once you’ve got a new piece or pieces of artwork that you want to show off, paint the wall a contrasting colour. It’s a great way to make your artwork pop; so go dark or bright for greatest impact.

Have fun and be creative.unnamed-1


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