Assassin’s Game could result in a Horrible Accident warn Police

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Assassin’s Game could result in a Horrible Accident warn Police
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Oakville hit the national news for a game called Assassin, after the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported an incident on May 7, 2016. The Assassin’s game is played by teenagers, who are using of water guns and dressed camouflage. The game is played until there is only one person left untouched.

On May 6, 2016, Halton Regional Police issued a public warning for teenagers and their parents about the game, and the concern it is causing local residents. In the latest case Police responded to calls of suspicious individuals, who were dressed in black, hooded and appeared to be holding fire arms. What the police later determined was that a group of teenagers were playing Assassin.

The issue is that water guns increasing look like real weapons, and are making it difficult for the police and the local community to discern that the youth are playing a game. The Assassin’s Game has been around for several years, and has been causing problems. Several communities have banned the game, and one school in the US has taken the step to bar students caught playing Assassin from attending their Prom.

The most recent incident caused Halton Police to send in several cars into a regularly quiet Oakville community, since every call to the police must be investigated. Police responding to a call involving potential weapons is giving high priority.

Not only is the issue causing unnecessary concern by local residents, it could result in a young people being hurt by police. This was made readily apparent after the November 2014 shooting of a 12 year old boy in Ohio, which resulted in the boy dying in hospital. The young boy was shot for holding what initially appeared to be a semi-automatic firearm, but was in fact a water gun.

Halton Regional Police are requesting that teenagers refrain from playing the game especially if they are using water guns that resemble actual firearms, and are dressed in camouflage.



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Angela Bravacino says:

    If the police and public are concerned they should ban any plastic water guns that present as reals guns from being sold in Canada. Stop importing and selling them all together. The police cannot stop kids from playing with water guns.

  2. J. Ritter says:

    Everything society plays with on video and watching television and movies are extremely violent. very sad society in general! There are some wonderful people out there too! Sad our police force has to deal with stupidity! Where are the parents?


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