Assassins game could go seriously wrong

Assassins game could go seriously wrong
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A group of Oakville teenagers have created a game called “assassins”. It is meant to be a harmless and fun activity, where teenagers shoot each other using  water guns, like a game of cat and mouse.

The game takes place during the day, and in public locations. The teenagers are not playing the game on school grounds.

However, there is a major issue with the game according to the Halton Regional Police. The water guns can resemble actual weapons.

The community is not aware that the “Assassins” game is just a game. They become extremely alarmed as they observe the teenagers running around with what they perceive as a real weapon.

On several occasions they have contacted the police. This type of report causes an elevated response by the Halton Regional Police, with units travelling to the location at a rapid pace.

Also police officers must treat this report as a viable threat, not just a group of teenagers having fun.


Substantial resources are spent tracking down the teenagers. It can put the teenager face to face with a police officer, who may believe that the water-gun is not an actual firearm.

For that reason, the Halton Regional Police Service is asking teenagers to refrain from playing “Assassins”.

The police are also appealing to parents, friends and other community members to discourage teenagers from playing the game.

There is no point in playing a game if you are causing members of the public distress, using valuable police resources, and putting yourself in harms way.

Several years ago, a similar activity happened at Oakville Trafalgar High School, when a group of students starting using water guns inside the school. Both students and teachers were alarmed, and immediately contacted the police. The Halton Regional Police Service’s SWAT Team was called in due to that incident.


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