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Secrecy of Saw-Whet Development Approval infuriates Ward 4 Councillor

I have received hundreds of emails in response to my note last week about the Saw-whet settlement. Shock and disappointment were the dominant responses from the public. Thank you for caring about the future of ...

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Step One in saving Oakville’s Merton Lands is your Participation.

Anyone interested in being a Participant at the upcoming OMB hearing regarding the proposed development of the property commonly known as the Saw-whet Golf Course should read the information below carefully.

Update on Saw-Whet OMB Pre-hearing

I estimate that over 150 people attended the meeting – quite impressive, especially on a business day. It is heartening to see so much interest from the Public on this matter. I will be sending ...

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Results of the April 14 Public Information meeting regarding Saw-whet

Thank you to the over 600 people who attended the meeting. It is heartening to see so many people interested enough in this matter to come out on a beautiful spring evening. I hope you ...

Karen Brock Photographer, People tour woodlands during the fall

Town Council Meeting renews commitment to saving Merton Lands

There are 2 items of news that resulted from last night’s Council meeting: a motion concerning Saw-whet and a resolution concerning the Merton Lands and the Greenbelt. 1. Regarding Saw-whet Thank you to the hundreds ...


Potential development of Saw-whet Golf Course goes to OMB

Last year a developer submitted an application to the Town of Oakville to build about 780 houses and 2 multi-story buildings on Saw-whet Golf Course. There was a loud public outcry against the plan. Hundreds ...

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Clarification regarding Provincially owned lands in the Merton Study area

I have been inundated with calls from constituents regarding the status of the Provincially owned lands in the Merton Study area because some confusing information has been circulating of late.

Karen Brock Photographer, People tour woodlands during the fall

Good News and Bad News on Merton Lands

It is now official – Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn has managed to preserve the Provincial portion of Merton Lands and we now have a letter, signed by the Minister of Infrastructure Ontario, Glen Murray.  The letter ...

Running Stream

Meeting on Merton Lands results in adoption of the Mayor’s Motion

Results of April 14 Meeting on Merton Study Lands Two important outcomes came out of the April 14 meeting: MPP Kevin Flynn called the mayor right before the meeting to inform him that Infrastructure Ontario ...

Saw-whet Golf Course under threat of development: Voice Your Opinion

This is the public’s opportunity to “officially” speak up about the proposed development in the Merton Lands. The developer’s current proposal would develop 85% of Saw-whet Golf Course and result in 875 residential units plus ...

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