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Racism – it happens here – Op-Ed

Racism has long been used to divide, exploited by those with power to entrench social and economic privilege for themselves and their families, and to maintain it through generations.  It is both a contributor to ...


PCM donates needed PPE to Community Living Oakville

Community Living Oakville provides support and opportunity to developmentally challenged children, youth and adults.  In a healthy Town, everyone should have opportunities for education, housing, leisure and participation in the community.

War Work

War Work Carries on in the Fight against Covid-19

Remember stories from your parents or grandparents about doing war work in the evenings during the Second World War or reading in history books about people sewing, knitting and packing parcels for the troops at ...

No Man is an Island: Confinement Reading

The Covid-19 emergency is giving us all time to think, and to read, perhaps more than we have in decades.

Empty Planet - Book Review - Chris Stoate

Empty Planet, John Ibbitson & Darrell Bricker: Book Review

Empty Planet – the shock of global population decline is a fascinating read as many of us contemplate the future of human life during this pandemic, wondering how our world will respond to the next train ...

United Way Covid-19 Emergency Fund

No one will be surprised to learn that many are facing huge challenges imposed by the stay at home and social distancing guidelines aimed at flattening the curve to manage our way through this virulent ...

Moral COVID-19 Economy Health Chris Stoate

The Moral Dilemma of Covid-19: Op-Ed

We are watching world leaders, including our own, choose between optimum containment of the coronavirus and salvaging what economic activity is possible.  A choice between lives and livelihoods.

Ontario Teachers

Solving the Ontario Teachers and Government stalemate

Once again, a battle is underway between Ontario teachers and the Provincial government. Students, parents and taxpayers are the immediate victims, but there are potentially wider longer-term consequences to society as the fear of disruptions ...

Special Urgency to the United Way Campaign this year

Through literally dozens of independent agencies, United Way makes support services possible for isolated seniors, people escaping abuse, those dealing with addiction issues, children managing grief, people dealing with disabilities, families facing food insecurity or ...

Ontario Liberal Leaders Debate Oakville 2019

Who should lead the Ontario Liberals? Op-Ed

With Conservatives in power and the NDP in opposition, Ontario is at risk of polarising along left and right lines.  That outcome would not reflect our general pragmatic, middle of the road political nature.  It ...

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