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Ontario Teachers

Solving the Ontario Teachers and Government stalemate

Once again, a battle is underway between Ontario teachers and the Provincial government. Students, parents and taxpayers are the immediate victims, but there are potentially wider longer-term consequences to society as the fear of disruptions ...

Special Urgency to the United Way Campaign this year

Through literally dozens of independent agencies, United Way makes support services possible for isolated seniors, people escaping abuse, those dealing with addiction issues, children managing grief, people dealing with disabilities, families facing food insecurity or ...

Ontario Liberal Leaders Debate Oakville 2019

Who should lead the Ontario Liberals? Op-Ed

With Conservatives in power and the NDP in opposition, Ontario is at risk of polarising along left and right lines.  That outcome would not reflect our general pragmatic, middle of the road political nature.  It ...

Electoral Reform

Electoral Reform for Canada’s Parliament

Justin Trudeau famously said that his first election would be the last under the first past the post system we use to elect MPs.  He did not follow through with Electoral Reform stating that the ...


Climate Guilt is not obligatory

How to stop being paralyzed by fear, guilt and blame and take action on climate change.


The Electorate’s Collective Wisdom and PM Trudeau

In a Parliament of 338 seats, the progressive parties (Liberals, NDP and Green), whose platforms have a great deal in common, have 183 seats and about 55% of the vote.  These numbers do not include ...

Paris accord

Paris accord is not good for Canada

Under the terms of the Paris accord, if Canada buys cars from a country that uses coal-powered electricity in manufacturing instead of Ontario’s  relatively clean energy, this would actually allow Canada to report lower emissions. ...

Oakville Liberals

Oakville Liberals Make Bold Move: Op-Ed

Hundreds of Oakville Liberals convened on the Le Dome Banquet Hall on Wednesday night to choose their candidate in the upcoming Federal Election: and they chose Anita Anand.

Public Education

Does the Provincial Budget put Public Education at Risk?

In his remarkable book, Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari proposes that the progress of humanity has been driven by a dynamic tension between freedom and equality.    Socialists value equality and are willing to sacrifice freedoms for ...

greenhouse gases

Will Ontario’s latest budget reduce greenhouse gases?

It is difficult to square Doug Ford’s recent statement that Ontario would lead Canada, even North America, in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), with the measures announced by his government in the recent budget: let alone ...

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