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Paris accord

Paris accord is not good for Canada

Under the terms of the Paris accord, if Canada buys cars from a country that uses coal-powered electricity in manufacturing instead of Ontario’s  relatively clean energy, this would actually allow Canada to report lower emissions. ...

Oakville Liberals

Oakville Liberals Make Bold Move: Op-Ed

Hundreds of Oakville Liberals convened on the Le Dome Banquet Hall on Wednesday night to choose their candidate in the upcoming Federal Election: and they chose Anita Anand.

Public Education

Does the Provincial Budget put Public Education at Risk?

In his remarkable book, Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari proposes that the progress of humanity has been driven by a dynamic tension between freedom and equality.    Socialists value equality and are willing to sacrifice freedoms for ...

greenhouse gases

Will Ontario’s latest budget reduce greenhouse gases?

It is difficult to square Doug Ford’s recent statement that Ontario would lead Canada, even North America, in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), with the measures announced by his government in the recent budget: let alone ...

Chicken Little I Am… Is the Sky Falling?

The sky is falling. The human made extra blanket on our atmosphere, composed of greenhouse gases, we keep adding to will lead to climate breakdown if we don’t make drastic changes in a big hurry.


Why I volunteer: everyone wins

On the heels of volunteer week, I have been reflecting on what I get out of volunteering. I hope the organizations benefit from my efforts, but I wanted to examine what’s in it for me. ...


Divorce, Liberal Style

Parliament makes laws.  The judicial system enforces them.  To do so, it takes into account previous cases in which the laws have applied, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and any other relevant legislation, and ...

Tax Deductions for Private School Fees

With the impending election and a changing political landscape, I’ve been thinking about my options coming up, and in particular evaluating the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer.

Glen Abbey

Op-Ed: Saving Glen Abbey ~ paying the price is important

There has been a fair bit in the press lately about what the Town has spent so far, first in its longstanding effort to preserve cultural heritage landscapes such as Glen Abbey,

United Way

So many good charities, so many demands: United Way can help

The United Way is not a charity. It raises money for charities and decides which ones should get the money. It’s a formula that really works.

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