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Glen Abbey

Op-Ed: Saving Glen Abbey ~ paying the price is important

There has been a fair bit in the press lately about what the Town has spent so far, first in its longstanding effort to preserve cultural heritage landscapes such as Glen Abbey,

United Way

So many good charities, so many demands: United Way can help

The United Way is not a charity. It raises money for charities and decides which ones should get the money. It’s a formula that really works.

In Favour of a Living Wage in Ontario

In 1980, I was driving back from Montreal on a late April evening, when I picked up a hitchhiker shivering beside the road in a jean-jacket.  He was on his way to Toronto from Newfoundland.  ...

Glen Abbey Property

Glen Abbey Golf Club’s highest and best use

Oakville is very proud of being one of the first planned communities in the world, laid out by William Chisholm