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Oakville PC Candidate Larry Scott, and Nepean-Carleton PC Candidate Lisa MacLeod

Ontario PC Million Jobs plan to bring 40,000 New Jobs Through Affordable Energy

“New and better jobs require a new plan for energy,” said Ontario PC Candidate Lisa MacLeod. “That means replacing skyrocketing energy prices with affordable prices to bring 40,000 new jobs to Ontario.”

10-year Capital Forecast hand holding Canadian Currency: $5, $10, & $20 Bills

Liberal Budget 2014: A Progressive Conservative Perspective

Two weeks ago, I was invited to hear the Minister of Finance deliver the 2014 Budget at Queens Park. It was budget day. The one day of the year when government is expected to account ...

Tim Huddak, Larry Scott at Oakville Chamber Luncheon

Wanting to bring back Jobs to Oakville: Progressive Conservative Perspective

Tim Hudak, the Leader of the Ontario PC Party, and Premier in waiting, was in Oakville to speak to community and business leaders on April 25th. The Oakville Chamber of Commerce had organized the sold-out ...