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Hiring for Changing Companies in Changing Time

If you are a business leader, chances are you are working hard to figure out how to keep your business going. For the short term, this may involve hiring people with different skills that you ...

Week work from home lessons COVID-19 laura machan

Week 2: Work from home Lessons

As I head into my third week of social distancing, I feel like I have learned some valuable lessons in this work from home adventure.

Working from Home Laura Machan

Working from Home – set boundaries to make it work

There are times when working from home means keeping an eye on your phone but you don’t really expect to actually start or finish anything. Working from home for three weeks is different. I don’t ...

Economic Outlook speakers are positive about 2020

The Oakville Chamber of Commerce hosted their annual Economic Outlook breakfast on January 21st. While it is not all sunshine and roses, Ontario is faring well.

Caroline Mulroney

Caroline Mulroney talks about the Future of Transportation

Caroline Mulroney spoke with the Oakville business community on Tuesday morning, December 10, 2019.  The newly minted Minister of Transportation was invited by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce to come and share plans and projects ...

Culinary Master Class

Culinary Master Class: Great Food for a Great Cause

The Epilepsy South Central Region came up with a very innovative fundraiser this year – Culinary Master Class. They held a day of celebrity cooking for their high level fundraisers.

Anxiety and the Future of Work

I have been reading a lot about job trends and what our work lives will be like in the future. It is fascinating to see the broad spectrum of opinion about this.

Vacation, Stay-cation and Fake-ation

I have learned, this summer, that vacation can be complicated.  Essentially, vacation should be about taking a break from your every day routine.  Now that we work from home offices. WiFi gives us email access ...

final interview question career advise

Asking the final interview question

You are in a job interview. It’s going really well. You feel like the conversation has flowed nicely and your answers have been thorough and thoughtful. The hiring manager has provided a great outline of ...

Linkedin Profil

How to make your LinkedIn Profile work

With 500 million plus business focused members, LinkedIn is a great place to put your professional information. Your LinkedIn profile lets you keep in touch with current and former colleagues. It also allows you to ...

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