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Proposed Oakville Capital Budget Draft for 2016 is $99,800,000: What do you think?

At yesterday’s first 2016 Budget Committee meeting, Councillor Tom Adams was selected for the eighth consecutive year as Oakville’s budget chair. Councillor Adams holds his Master’s in Business Administration from McMaster University and is a ...

Round About

Town survey asks the public for feedback on Road Safety Measures

The Town of Oakville developed a survey to ask residents to share their thoughts and experiences with traffic calming measures and lowering speed limits as part of the town’s traffic review.

Lego Fork Lift

Town launches FindOakville to help businesses search for available real estate in Oakville

Current or potential new business owners to Oakville can now easily search for real estate opportunities in town with FindOakville.

Map of 14 Mile Creek River Valley the town of Oakville aims to protect.

Oakville expands natural heritage system to include lands along Fourteen Mile Creek Valley

On June 17, 2015 Town Council unanimously approved an official plan amendment that will see approximately 81 hectares of land along the Fourteen Mile Creek Valley designated as natural heritage system.

Urban Coyote, Town of Oakville,

Oakville’s coyote management initiatives

Research and experience has shown the two most significant things the Town of Oakville can do to reduce direct public interaction with coyotes is education and the removal of coyote attractants such as food. Town ...


New online form makes it easier to request on-street parking permits for Oakville

Do you have overnight guests and not enough parking in your driveway? Renovating your home and need the driveway to park the dumpster? Or are you asphalting your driveway and need to park on the ...

Streetscape view of Lakeshore Road East in Oakville

Downtown Oakville Plan moves into engineering design phase for Lakeshore Road East

The Downtown Plan moves into a new phase as Council approved the Streetscape Master Plan at its meeting Monday night, and instructed staff to start the engineering design work for Lakeshore Road East, finalizing the ...

Earth Hour 2015

Take part in Oakville’s Earth Hour’s lights off campaign

Are you ready to go dark? Earth Hour is all about reminding us of the importance of reducing energy consumption as we turn off the lights on Saturday March 28 from 8:30–9:30 p.m. Energy conservation ...

Ice Storm

Oakville’s Climate Change Strategy and Primer

The Town of Oakville’s Climate Change Strategy and accompanying public outreach document, Oakville’s Climate Change Primer, are now available online. The strategy and primer were endorsed by Town Council at its September 22, 2014 meeting ...

word "VOTE" spelt with the "V" replaced by a check mark

Are you on the Voters’ List? Voter cards in the mail

Starting this week, voter notification cards will arrive in the mail of all eligible voters in Oakville.

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