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Quarantine Act March 25 2020

Quarantine Act Enforcement- How it works

Yesterday, I provided an update about Canadians abroad and the need for them to return home now. I know most of us are aware that anyone who comes back to Canada must self-isolate at home ...

2020 Young Women in Leadership Program Pam Damoff

2020 Young Women in Leadership accepting Applications

The 2020 Young Women in Leadership Program (YWIL) pairs young women with mentors from the community, giving them the opportunity to gain a role model and shadow successful women in the workplace.

Coronavirus Status Update

Coronavirus Canadian Status Information

The health and safety of Canadians is our top priority. While the public health risk remains low for Canadians, our government is well prepared to deal with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Currently, there are ...

Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive gives much needed love

The 27th annual Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive is currently underway, and I’m excited to partner with the Firefighters this year to ensure that every child has a gift to open on Christmas morning.

Oakville North-Burlington

Oakville North-Burlington MP acknowledges the hard work ahead

A month ago, Canadians chose to re-elect a Liberal government on an ambitious and achievable platform that will help more people make ends meet, make life easier for parents and families, protect our environment, and ...


Putting a Price on Pollution

It is no longer free to pollute in Canada.  On April 1 our government put a price on pollution in the four provinces that did not already have a pollution plan of their own.  When ...

2018 Young Women in Leadership program: be part of the change!

The 2018 Young Women in Leadership program continues the overwhelming success of last year’s inaugural program. The program runs from April 9-13, 2018.

Affordable Child Care in Oakville

Creating High Quality, Affordable Child Care in Oakville

An announcement in Oakville, Ontario reaffirmed the agreement to create high quality, affordable child care, made on June 12, 2017 by Federal-Provincial/Territorial Ministers

Terry Fox stamp

Terry Fox stamp officially unveiled in Oakville

37 years ago, in the early morning of July 13, Terry Fox ran into Oakville and later into Burlington on day 93 of his Marathon of Hope. In honour of his run through our community ...

Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence, Pam Damoff

Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence

Many Canadians still face violence every day simply because of their gender expression, gender identity or perceived gender. It’s time for that to change. The Government of Canada is taking action to prevent and address ...

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