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local food programs

Local food programs receive $70K from Resiliency Fund

The Foundation, with support from our Family Physician pledge, as well as support from the Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation, are pleased to announce additional funding of $70,000 that will go to local food programs.

Education - AwardsHub Oakville Community Foundation

Oakville Resiliency Fund invests in Education Heroes

With the announcement of public school closures until the end of May, The Foundation is pleased to announce support to teachers, students and families to move educational supports and programming online.

Oakville Family Resiliency Fund

Oakville Family Doctor pledges $200K for Food Relief

A local Oakville Family Physician wants to inspire and challenge others with her personal pledge of $200,000 in support of Food Relief efforts, a gift made to the Oakville Resiliency Fund.

Resiliency Fund Oakville Community Foundation

Resiliency Fund donates $150K to Community Heroes

Our focus on Community Heroes in Phase 1 of the Oakville Community Foundation’s Resiliency Fund has allowed some wonderful new partnerships to form – partners who are also focused on funding front-line organizations supporting the ...

Oakville Resiliency Fund

Oakville Resiliency Fund supports Community Heroes

The Oakville Community Foundation has created the Oakville Resiliency Fund to support our local community during this State of Emergency and beyond when it is time to help our charitable sector recover.

Leading Together – Community Foundations Charitable Support

Leading together – the  Burlington Foundation, Community Foundation of Halton North and Oakville Community Foundation are working together to collaborate, share information on pressing needs, and ensure that our collective knowledge drives strategic funding to ...

Six Activities

Six Activities to Build Community while Staying Safe

If you’re like so many out in our community, you’re likely feeling disconnected, even feeling depressed and isolated. Despite all the social chatter, it’s sometimes hard to see anything positive happening. But we’re seeing some ...

Five Ways

Five Ways We Can Help Our Community

During this time of uncertainty, we want to share a list of five different ways we can help those in our community. Do you know of other ways to help the community? Let us know ...

Community Education Awards Hub

Community Education Awards Hub launched

The Oakville Community Foundation is excited to announce the Community Education Awards Hub: a brand new online portal for post-secondary bound students to access local awards.

Community Needs

Funding Solutions: Discovering Community Needs

“I don’t know what the needs are in Oakville – it’s a really safe, affluent community.”

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