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Shell Park Oakville Ontario

Oakville Gears up to Clean up

‘National Earth Day’ turns 46 today, inspiring millions around the world to take action towards environmental issues.

At Home Remedies: Oakville Fashionista

Lets talk beauty! The fashion industry shows us all of the latest trends and styles to follow by, however we can’t deny that beauty truly is skin deep. From our frigid winters to the high ...

Beach-sentials: Oakville Fashionista

With the official date of Summer finally here, our hopeful hearts can only long for the sunshine to stay and the rain to get out of the way! The most common and anticipated pass time ...

Fall is Just Around the Corner: Oakville Fashionista

While amidst sun tanning in your yellow bikini bottoms and floral cover-ups, Fall fashion week for 2013 has come and gone in New York City. Making a grand entrance for the elegant styles that will be ...