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red bush, and green bush inset with white flowers

White Out? Think Green: A Master Gardener’s Perspective

Yes, that mound of white you see from your window is your beloved garden, but don’t think––just because you can’t get in there to dig and weed––that you can’t be helping it along even as ...

Pruning Sheares on a wooden bench with work gloves

To Prune, or Not to Prune? A Master Gardener’s Perspective

Generally speaking, pruning in the spring promotes vigor and pruning in the fall retards vigour. Therefore, if you have a woody plant that needs to be more robust – such as a shrub or a ...

hand holding healthy soil

Gettin’ Dirty: A Master Gardener’s Perspective

This is the UN Year of Soil so let’s talk about how we can treat it better…and why. We’re learning so much, so quickly and ‘best practices’ are changing month by month. To till, or ...

Outdoor Shower

Showering with your Plants: It’s a good thing

Showering with your plants down in the bottom of the stall or tub may seem like an odd thing to do but, in the middle of winter, it serves several purposes.


Winter is here: What you should know about salt

Unless you got all clever and put in a heated walkway system (they do exist and might be the best way to go – for the environment…and your back!), You’re going to need something to ...